Key to the Perfect Auto Service

General car servicing is arguably the most crucial part of your car maintenance process and also the most overlooked aspect of it. A majority of car owners do not give due attention to regular servicing of their cars which often results in bigger problems and expensive repairs. Almost every auto service provider deals with cars that were long overdue for an oil change and significant damage has been done do the car engine due to the lack of a proper auto service routine. If regular services and oil changes are not performed on your car, the oil tends to lose its lubricating property because of combustion gases and results in sludge formation.

Here are some important auto services that should be regularly performed on your car if you want it to continue to run and perform effectively for many years to come.
  • Oil change: Changing the engine oil on a regular basis is a must for any car, of any brand, regardless of what their adverts say. Changing the oil at proper intervals will keep your car healthy for a long period of time. Conventionally, engine oil must be replaced every 3,000 miles, a synthetic blend at the end of 5,000 miles and a full synthetic oil replacement after the car has done 10,000 miles. Though this a general estimate and you should get this auto service done at recommended mileage, which will prevent the automobile from having seal and sludge problems, which causes further leaks and engine damage.
  • Servicing the Fuel system: Your car is equipped with an in-line filter by the manufacturer whose optimum replacement time is generally between 19,000 miles to 29,000 miles, depending on the usage of the car. Replacing the fuel filter at the given intervals will keep the fuel pump good as new. It is advisable to install a good quality fuel injector cleaner, which not only cleans the fuel filter but also the injector as well.
  • Hoses and Belts: Generally, these parts are replaced only when needed unless you are instructed differently. Although these are durable parts and provide dependable service, they are not damage proof and should be replaced every 3 years or as per manufacture’s recommendation. Regular inspection of these parts is always helpful.
Regular auto service is a must for keeping your car road worthy and safe. Failing to provide timely service to your vehicle may leave you without a vehicle when you need it the most, followed by expensive repairs.

While you’re looking for a good auto service centre there are few important points to keep in mind which will benefit you financially and save your time as well.
  • When looking for an auto service outlet, inquire about the amount of time they will take to work on your car. It’s best if they can get the work done in a day or two. You don’t want your car lying in their garage.
  • Look for a service centre that hires certified mechanics affiliated by the state governing body. By this, you can be sure that your car is in safe hands and they will be able to solve the problem perfectly and in time.
  • Make sure they don’t try to talk you in to doing additional repairs for your car that it doesn’t actually need. Some auto service outlets might try to extend your bill by doing unnecessary repairs. So be wary of such practices and look for an honest shop.
  • Always check if the service outlets provide warranties on their service. It’s best to research and collect information before you go.
To know more useful information about auto services lets go to the detail.

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