Purpose of Cardboard Packaging Boxes to Store and Safeguard Product

Packaging and is an ancient method which is used to cover, protect, wrap and transport goods and merchandise. However with time, technique and style of applying this method has only become better and modified. Casing products has improved and given way to better, modern and sophisticated storing options.

There are various types that are available in markets and used extensively for various commercial and personal purposes around countries.

However, packaging purposes have remained same but there are more options available now a day for storing items.

Before venturing into various functions regarding casing boxes, here is a quick look at what it is, from what are they made and the numerous types available.

What is packaging?
  • Method used to store, distribute, sale or transport product.
  • Also refers to as processing, design and production of packages.
There are various materials that are used for making these casing and they are as follows:
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Fiber Board
  • Card Board
There are multiple package types that are available and they are of different value, shapes, sizes and purposes. Fundamentally they are based on three broad categories depending on the purpose they serve and their designs. The following types are mentioned below.
  1. Primary
  2. secondary
  3. Tertiary
Apart from these categories of package boxes, they are also categorized based on commercial and consumer purposes.

Today casing and wrapping patterns have garnered a heavy attention. Casing systems are planned and in a way to cater societies changing norms and growing demands. This is based on numerous customs and social habits, economy, environmental concerns, convenience and time, consumerism, availability, mobility, labeling, size and health consciousness.

Based on these purposes, packaging has numerous purposes from which consumers can benefit to a great extent. The most popular and vastly used packages are cardboard box casing and its benefits are mentioned below:

Purpose of Box packages
  1. Protection - packages are used so that products are protected from any external threat or contamination. This includes temperature, shock, vibration, dust, water vapor, oxygen. As a result it also increases the shelf life of several and all merchandise and helps to keep products clean, and fresh.
  2. Label - This is a significant and necessary purpose. Labeling is quite an important aspect when it comes to segregation of various commodities. It helps to identify product and inform consumers regarding product purpose and how to use them accordingly.
  3. Containment or storage - To hold or contain stuff for safe keeping and handling weather for immediate or later use.
  4. Transportation - casing and packing is absolutely fundamental in case of transporting product from one place to another. This is done to keep product safe and secure until it reaches its final destination.
  5. Sales - labeling, categorization and storage of stocks helps in marketing and sales.
  6. Display - stocks are displayed in a better light when they are packaged in a proper manner.
  7. Convenience - Cased products are easier away and select.
  8. Security - packaged items are provided added security than uncovered items.
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