Tips to protect your Home by using Domestic Roller Shutters

Nowadays, you need to take all precautions possible to protect your home and loved ones from burglars and intruders and bad weather. Roller shutters are soon becoming one of the most popular options within domestic sectors for this needed security. They are a more convenient and more practical alternative to the normal garage doors. Not only do they do their job of keeping unwanted people out but they also do not use up too much space. This can help you plan your space better. You can also use these shutters over your windows for added security.

Types of Roller shutters you can use for your home
  1. Manual roller shutter
  2. Electric roller shutter
Benefits of electric shutters
  • Less time and energy consuming: they can be opened or closed with just a touch of a button. You can set the controls to close them at a particular time of the day. Just imagine opening several shutters at a time. The energy and time it takes will leave you exhausted. Electric shutters can make this task easier.
  • Versatility: They can be attached to almost all sizes of doors and windows. They can be used as your windows, doors, garage doors, small doors, that is practically anywhere.
  • Security: Both manual and electric shutters will defend your house against intruders and bad weather. Most of the materials can also protect against hail and rain. Metal or fibre glass can be used as material for shutters that are really strong. Metal roller shutters are a bit cheaper and do not give great insulation, but they do the job. Fibre glass roller shutters are top of the class and much pricier but they are the best at securing your home and guarantee almost no maintenance.
Roller shutters for aesthetic appeal
  • Not all roller shutters are made just for security purposes. They can be used to enhance the look and feel of your homes too.
  • You can find them in different kinds of appealing materials to suit your needs. If you go for an earthier and rustic feel you may also find it in wood. However, these are slightly high maintenance. You will need to avoid rotting, paint it now and then, etcetera.
  • You can also look at UPVC electric rollers. They have good aesthetic appeal; they are lightweight, durable and low maintenance. You can even get them in wood texture and it looks quite elegant despite not being real wood.

Unless you have relevant experience, you should probably leave the installation to the professionals. You need to have intimate knowledge of electrical wirings and experience if you wish to do this yourself, or several things can go wrong, like the measurements of the roller, electric wiring, or something else. These can be installed outside the house or inside or it can be integrated with the windows.


Prices for a shutter can vary based on a lot of things like company, material, type of roller etcetera. So you need to check and compare prices before you go for any of the products available. If you are going for a whole electric system for your house, you need to go check for a reputed and experienced company that can do the set up for you with the least glitches. If you can spend a little extra, you can get an amazing roller shutter that can also help insulate your house and cancel outside noise to give you a peaceful environment.

You need not worry about the plain shutters looking boring. These can be powder coated to an array of colored finishes. These are a convenient, safe and modern method to protect your house.

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