Advantages of Using the Traditional Wood Fired Ovens

Everyone loves a crispy and wholesome thin crust pizza that is topped off with their favorite topping and is served hot straight from the oven of a pizza shop. Now, you have tried to recreate these pizzas at your home, but you could never get that texture or the flavor that you get from a traditional pizza parlor, the secret here does not lie in the ingredients rather it lies in the cooking process of your pizza. Because prestigious pizza making firm prefer to cook their pizzas in wood fired ovens and here we are going to find what are the reasons that make these ovens so special and unique.

Wood Fired Ovens Provide Better Cooking Temperature

The heat that is radiated by the burning wood spreads evenly across the oven. Once the sides of the oven are heated then the heat gets transferred to the walls of the oven, which ultimately heats up the dome (upper region of the oven). This keeps the base of the oven cooler compared to the walls and the dome. The maximum temperature of this type of oven can be up-to 660 degrees to 570 degrees, which breeds a perfect environment for your pizza to cook properly in a perfected way.

Amazing Crust is Only Achieved by Wood Fired Oven

As mentioned earlier, the temperature of oven that is fired by wood are quite high when compared to the normal ones. And because of this high temperature, emanate heat from the woods keeps on traveling to the walls of the oven, which provides a crispy texture to the pizza in just a few minutes. One thing that can be noted here is that, though the sides of the pizza are thin and crispy yet the centre remains thick and chewy so that you can get that perfect bite to your pizza. Along with that, this even helps the dough to hold its shape instead of becoming soggy and wet. So that ultimately you can get an amazing fluffy crust and a flavourful centre.

Cooks Faster and Saves your Time

When you make your pizzas using ordinary oven, then you are going to need about 20-30 minutes to cook it properly. On the contrary, pizzas that cook in the traditional wood fired ovens cook in just 2-3 minutes. This means that on an average an oven that is fired by wood can cook your pizzas ten times faster when compared to the usual ovens. Therefore, traditional pizzas are considered quite efficient by several pizza making companies, who still think that traditional ovens are the best way to get the right pizza in no time. Since, the capacity of these traditional ovens are great, one can cook at least 6-7 pizzas at a time.

Gives an Authentic Smoky Flavor to Your Pizza

You can hardly forget that smoky BBQ pizza that you had last night at an amazing pizza outlet. But, this left you in a misery that what made that pizza so better? Now, the answer to this question is in the question itself, and that is “smokiness”. It’s hard to find a smoky pizza when you cook it using an ordinary oven. No matter how much you try to play with the flavors, but at the end it comes down to that rare smokiness. Now, when a pizza is cooked using a traditional oven, then the sauce and olive oil that is used in the making of the pizza receive adequate heat and cook promptly, but when you cook your pizzas in an ordinary oven, then the cooking time increases, and when the cooking time increases it ultimately destroys the flavor of the pizza.

Crispy and Melt in the Mouth Toppings

Do you remember that light charcoaled color of the topping that added to the aura of your pizza? Well, this can only be found when you cook your pizza with the help of wood fired ovens. In the traditional oven, the pizzas are left to cook in a sealed manner, so that the toppings can cook evenly. Another advantage is that, since you do not cook the pizza for a prolonged period of time, the vitamins and the nutrients of the toppings remain intact, thus helping you in having a healthy and wholesome pizza. And melted cheese holds these topping together, so that you can have a melt in the mouth bite of your authentic pizza made in the traditional style.

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