An Ultimate Ways to do car inspection

Cars! They are almost like a family member to everybody! People love cars. They take care of it personally and clean them personally to most of the times, because they may be scared of other people spoiling the car instead of cleaning it.

But, is outside cleaning enough? Would you not want your car to be in its original perfect color and shape? A vehicle service or a car inspection on a regular basis would ensure that your car keeps you happy and safe!

Is Inspection Mandatory?

In most of the countries, car inspection is mandatory as per the government rules and regulations.

And in the countries where it is not compulsory according to the law, companies make sure that an inspection is done regularly for all the customers. To attract people toward this service, the customers are provided with free services, discounted services, pick & drop facilities for the car from home to garage and from the garage back to home.

The two main reasons for inspections are:
  1. To check if the car is emitting the right kind of fuels and gases
  2. To check on all and every kind of safety measures of the customer
Inspection Proof:

Once the car has come from servicing, it bears a sticker which clearly indicates the date of inspection. So, next time a cop catches hold of you and while you are trying to assemble all the papers, you can show him the inspection sticker on your car’s windshield in the meanwhile.

What is done during a car inspection process?

Most of you are always curious to know what happens to your cars when they go in for servicing. Don’t most of you wonder how come your cars come out shiny and spark when you sent in a dusty car for service!

Want to know what happens to your car once sent for inspection? Look at the step by step process that usually takes place in every car inspection centre;
  • The vehicle is brought in– details of car noted for record purposes
  • Basic checking of seat covers, accelerator, brake, clutch, gear
  • Checking all parts inside a bonut. Broken wires repaired.
  • They check how old the car battery is. If it seems too old, or likely to spoil, the battery is replaced.
  • Oil is replaced with fresh new oil and water is filled near the slot for the battery to be cool
  • Spare parts of car are checked and replaced if replacement is needed.
  • A test driver by expert mechanics is done to check speedometer, engine power, suspension, mileage etc
  • Mirrors, and windows are checked for damages and replaced if needed
  • Gauge box, first aid kit is also checked
  • Wheels, wheel caps, screws of the wheels are gone through and are tightened and fitted properly.
  • Lastly, the security systems of the car- locking systems, air bags etc are checked to ensure safety
  • And finally, the car goes for a wash
This is how your car comes out new after a service.

At the time of delivery:

Once the car is done with its inspection, it is either delivered to the owner at home, or the owner goes down to the inspection centre to collect the car. During the delivery, it is the duty of the car inspector to describe each inspection and the reason for inspection in detail to the car owner.

How expensive is this entire process?

The first service of any vehicle is always free! The inspection centers thereon, charge the car owners for servicing. The servicing charges include items like labor cost, basic oil & repairing costs. The inspection centers charge extra for other fittings and other repairing like, if a mirror is broken, and is fixed by the centre, it is charged separately apart from the normal charges. To avoid chaos later, the service centre takes a confirmation from the car owner, whether the extra parts need to be fixed and repaired or not.

Where to give your car for inspection?

The car owning company generally offers to get your car to their service stations. If not, there are other private inspection centers where you can give your car. They are equally liable for safety and good service.

Complete Car Inspection Process can also stamp your vehicles log book. For Interesting thought about  car inspection , Let’s take a look here.

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