Ricoh Copiers – Saviors for Small Businesses

Ricoh is one of the most trusted names in the market when it comes to copiers. Ricoh copiers are known for their high end products, unique services and an extensive network of dealerships across the countries in which it operates. It is a U.S company that provides total and comprehensive document management solutions. This company also owns the Lanier Worldwide. Lanier printers have been designed to meet the regular needs of offices, businesses, individuals and large corporate houses. The printing devices are fast and extremely convenient to use. They are ideal for midsized businesses which find the high volume systems expensive and low end systems incompetent of delivering high end performance and resolution.

Why Ricoh Copiers?

The Ricoh multifunction copiers have worn a variety of awards and accolades from the highly regarded office product laboratories and other observers in the industry. An idea about their features and designs of the products made by them illustrates the reasons for their popularity. All the copiers deliver full color, high quality performance. These multifunction printers are innovative and leverage advanced capacities which are the hallmarks of Ricoh products. They help in simplifying the most complex printing, copying, scanning and distribution requirements. With potential security features, innovative finishing capabilities and ecofriendly operation, the copiers manage high workloads with amazing efficiency.

The Ricoh copiers often serve as the primary system for the workgroups or as an important part of the MDS or Ricoh Managed Document Services strategy for enhancing productivity and reducing the complete cost of ownership through the organization. The products offer versatile color in a safe and ecofriendly design.

Features of the Lanier

Fast and quick service: The Lanier copiers offer high end document solutions that are affordable and quick. Whether you are looking for documents in black and white or in full color, you can always expect fast and quick delivery in almost no time. The devices are a combination of affordability and versatility and create an entirely new offering that caters to a previously untouched segment in the market.

Reasons for its preference in mid and small sized firms:

A number of mid and small sized firms prefer these Ricoh copiers due to their unique range of features which perform value addition to their business. These are:
  • The copying devices can deliver copy within a matter of 10 seconds. That is quite fast, right?
  • It includes full bleed printing and copying features.
  • Simple printing features allow you to manipulate the document according to your needs
  • Option 20 bin stapler is provided to give the documents a finishing touch
  • Auto duplex unit allows you to work on both sides of the page
Amazing Things about Ricoh Copiers

The digital copiers can deliver as many as 22 copies a minute irrespective of whether they are in color or in black and white. They have a resolution 600 dpi including all kinds of text and graphics. Additionally, it is a completely optional network print module which helps you access the document management stuff directly from your computer. Hence, the company is able to offer a lot of document services to small businesses, large corporations and individuals in an efficient and affordable way.

Provides robust service: Finally, the Ricoh copiers have a very robust service network. This means that if your copier needs any kind of maintenance or repair, help is close at hand. Call the local copier service so that they can take care and have absolute control over your system and get them up and functioning in no time. Investing in Ricoh printers allows you to enjoy high level document management services that save money for your business.

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