Freight Elevators: Transporting goods made easier

An elevator designed specially to transport goods, rather than people, is a freight elevator. Obviously, a freight elevator can carry weight much more, as compared to a passenger elevator. These are custom designed depending on where they will be used like a shopping center or a ware house, or any large scale facility. The designs being based on how much weight it is suppose to carry, how the goods will be unloaded and loaded, whether it will be manually, industrial truck or car. So, to get a perfect freight elevator there are certain specifications required. Amazingly, a freight-elevator can handle up to 100.000 pounds with the support of the dual rope system.

Types of Freight Elevators
Freight elevators can be traction or hydraulic. The difference being that, hydraulic use a piston to push the elevator up, while traction elevators use steel ropes which are pulled along a pulley which is deeply grooved. The hydraulic ones being slow as compared to the traction ones are more affordable but cannot be as high as the traction ones. Another disadvantage with the hydraulic elevators is the leakage of oil into the earth, which is a cause for concern, more so to the environmentalists. The dumbwaiters, which are small freight elevators are used in building with two storey and help in moving household goods like dishes and laundry up and down.

The Company
Looking for one of the most reputed leading companies globally can be one way to make sure you are opting for the best. A company which can provide with solutions for the maintenance and modernization of the freight elevators provided by them is a factor you need to look at. With a stiff competition you need to look out for a company which has a record of satisfying their customers and which can also provide customer care in the near future. Keeping the few points listed below there is no way you can make any mistakes in your choice.
  • Quality
Checking out not only the quality of the services but also the material used in the manufacture of the freight elevators, can assure you of their sturdiness. The company should make sure the elevators go through rigorous testing before being delivered to the clients.
  • Design
The companies which keep the customers’ requirements in mind before designing the freight elevators, can be a good choice. These designs should be able to help the customers to transport their people and goods smoothly without any complications and problems.
  • Maintenance
Good companies make sure to clarify where the maintenance of the freight elevators are concerned. They are able to send their staff for this on a regular basis. Their well-experienced engineers can make sure that your freight elevators are running smoothly without any hitches. The repairs, if carried out on time save a lot of unnecessary expenditure in the long run.
  • Accessories and Spare parts
If the accessories and spare parts are also available with the company, then you will not be running from post to pillar hunting for them when the time comes. This is a factor to look at while making your choice of the company.

Contacting the chosen company via e-mail or phone, you should be able to get answers to all your queries with satisfaction. Checking out the prices, and making sure you are not crossing your budget, you can definitely opt for a freight elevator which meets all your requirements. When you make a right choice, you will have an elevator which is easy to install and save space, besides being positioned easily in the building. When you choose a company, make sure you are given the assurance of saving on energy.

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