Stylize Your Home with Timber Decking

What is Timber decking?

Timber decking has become one of the most rapidly used architectural techniques for decorating indoor as well as outdoor areas for both residential and commercial buildings worldwide. Timber, as we know, is a wooden structure used in building and carpentry whereas the word ‘decking’ is a part of architecture where a deck is defined as a flat surface having the capability of sustaining weight and can be treated as a floor. 

The technique is basically adopted from the ‘deck’ found on ships and later used for decorating commercial as well as residential buildings. Timber decking is basically a part of outdoor construction and the basic technique behind it is making an elevation from the ground and connecting it to the building. It can widely be used in different ways, sometimes for the extension of household living areas, sometimes acting as an alternative to a roofless inner courtyard and sometimes landscaping a part of a garden.

Materials used
Previously softwoods like Atlantic white cedar, redwood, western red cedar etc were used but later due to over-logging of forests cutting of trees were banned. Now different kind of woods is used to make decks, depending on many factors. Some types of wood are more prone to pest attacks, some last longer. Then there are factors like color and density. All these factors are taken into consideration before making a deck.

Where it can be used and how
In a smaller residential building, decks are generally a structure made above the ground surface which is connected to the main building whereas in large commercial and residential buildings decks are generally constructed on the upper floors of the building in an open space for the public as a sight seen platform. Railings are a part of this technique which is used for enclosure. Access can be made from the door of a house or from the ground via stairs. Rough grounds and steep areas can also be utilized in a residential building by constructing a timber deck over it and to prevent sunlight, canopy (an overhead roof or a structure over which a fabric or a metal covering is attached, able to provide shade or shelter) and pergola (a garden feature forming a shaded walkway passage or a sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which wood vines are trained) are used.

Some extra info
An interesting fact about timber decking is that in some countries it is widely used in public building where smokers can gather and spend a quality time cherishing the puff on an outdoor space due to the ban on smoking. Roof deck is also a part of timber decking. It is an elevated flat surface holding all the structural components together. Plywood or OSB sheathing, wood tongue and groove etc are various kinds of roof decks. Roof decks have always been a part of culture and society because of its ability to sustain big weights.

Sustainability and durability are also important in this method. Wood which are sustainable in both dry and wet conditions are highly preferable. Nowadays pressure treated woods are widely used due to their long lasting ability and they are also good in holding up both wet and dry conditions. These decks are capable of expanding living space in a building without any additional land acquisition or such things. Hardwoods especially teak, mahogany used in timber decking are generally sourced illegally due to the ban on extensive cutting down of trees worldwide. So do try to have some information about the source of the wood used.

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