Quality Shutter Windows provide better security and privacy

Home safety or securing your home is very important. People apply all security systems on main doors and garages but they may pay very little attention to windows. Security shutter windows provide more security and privacy not only from burglars but even from dusts, pests, and insects. It is recommended to use them on large windows and balconies. There are certain security window shutters available like the hard mesh ones, which are put inside the houses. It is perfect for windows, balconies and patios because they provide superior protection from bugs and pests, and even flying objects. Mostly these are installed in the exteriors of the building; it is installed in such a way that it does not obstruct any view of the owner. The exterior shutters provide excellent security from damage like typhoons and strong winds, and severe weather sun damage. 

Benefits of security shutter windows

The main benefit is that security shutters provide safety to your home from burglars and intruders.

Sun protection- shutters provide better protection from harsh sunlight when compared with curtains and blinds. It also stops the heat from going out during cold weathers and keeps the house warm. There are also designs where the sunlight hits the shutter and not the windows. It makes the house less hot and also saves in air-conditioning bills.

Weather protection- It protects houses from hails and prevents the windows from rattling during harsh and strong wind blows. It also protects homes from monsoon dampening, snowfall and snowstorms.

Noise reduction- The thick barriers between the noise and disturbance outside keeps your home in peace so that you can enjoy an undisturbed time. It is highly recommended for people staying near airports or busy main road streets. It reduces noise by 50-60%.

Light control and privacy- It controls the light from coming inside. You can decide how much light you want in your rooms. You can completely darken and lighten your room. It also lets you control the air flow in your house. It provides excellent privacy and does not let anyone peek inside, and no one can hear a word from your house and know what’s going inside.

Different types of security shutter windows

There are different color options and controls available. Each is designed suiting ones need and the interior and exterior architectural beauty.
  • Manual control for small shutters- Manual straps are attached to the shutters and act as a mechanism that can be operated from inside. It is widely used for the small window shutters.
  • Manual controlled strap cranks- These are used for medium sized shutters and there is not much difference in the mechanism. Basically, it has a roller or a pole crank with a strap inside the mechanical box which is winded up by the operator, opening and shutting the shutters automatically as desired.
  • Manual pulling and lifting upwards- It is just the simple manually operated shutter we know. Some brands design it according to the users taste with more abilities like no-slip hinges.
  • Electric controlled window shutters- They are operated through motor devices and are available for all sizes of windows. It comes with loaded advanced features for security locks and control systems. The electricity powered ones are powerful for large window shutter which can be quite heavy to operate manually.
  • Some more advanced feature include EV-Drive systems which have a Smart Drive motor, it requires very less voltage. It just has to be plugged in to charge and not much electricity is required, making a huge difference in power consumptions and the safety aspect.
This blog help you to get the necessary details about security shutters for windows. If you would like to know more then go through this link and get more information.

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