Tips for identifying the stage of House Renovation

There are a lot of industries offering services for house renovation in diverse fields and giving job offers to people of varied skills. This is a very interesting subject for people all over the world because around the world people attach great value to their place of dwelling. They love to provide the best amenities to their family and loved ones. Houses need periodic maintenance and after a span of few decades, the houses need to be renovated so that it can get an extended life and the desired strength. The resale value of the house will rise in accordance with the quality of renovation. Here are some reasons that can indicate your house needs a renovation.

  • The walls and ceiling giving way, and exposing the concrete or in case of wood the rotting or stains in wood showing up
  • The heating system malfunctioning leading to escalation of heating costs
  • Malfunctioning of the security and alarm system
  • The plumbing maintenance becoming a constant worry with frequent repairs
  • The increase in power bill showing that there is wear and tear in the electrical fittings and windows are not able to control the heat or cold easily seeps in
  • Frequent sickness among the members due to cold seeping in showing the aging of the heating system
  • When there is pressure to increase the living space
Below are the ways we can try to rectify this issue
  • Check all the systems in the house (masonry, plumbing, electrical and interior decoration, heating system)
  • Make a list of all the renovation that has to be prioritized
  • Chalk out a budget that can be set aside for the work
  • Check on the availability of contractor as you deem fit
  • Call for quotes and check with your budget
  • If you want to control expense of repair and are willing to do some of the work yourself make sure you have the guidance of ‘do it yourself” kit and tools, and check on the step by step guidance
  • Chalk out the timeline for the work to be done
  • Make alternate arrangement for moving the family and some important items during the renovation time
  • Always be available to the workers so that the work takes place in the way you want it to be
  • Before appointing the contractor check on their reputation and work ethics
  • Check on the warranty and quality of new installations
  • Check on the cost effectiveness of the fittings and repairs that are being used
  • Appoint a general contractor when you know you may not be available to supervise the job
  • Ask for accounts of expenditure along with the bills
Now having set the tone for the House renovation to start the major points that have to be avoided is as follows
  • Once you have explained your need to the contractor don’t keep changing the design and plan
  • Don’t allow the work to start unless you have set a proper plan, resources, and a well thought out timeline
  • Don’t spend unnecessarily in repairs which you yourself can handle
  • Don’t allow expenses to overshoot your budget i.e. do not plan and execute some work for which you are not able to finance
  • Don’t fret and fume over small discrepancies – in a work of this magnitude there will be some irritants- just be calm and handle them
  • Don’t appoint a contractor unless you are sure they will do exactly as you need
Now with all the parameters set in place just enjoy the turnover of your House from an old dilapidated structure to the most lovable and livable warm space called your own!!! If would like to know more then go through this link and get some Tips of House Renovation.

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