2 Vital Safety Measures Demolition Contractors Should Keep In Mind

Demolition of a commercial building, especially a large one is not an easy task. It requires careful monitoring and skills. Demolition is done by an expert commercial demolition service after a thorough research of the premises. This carefully-orchestrated process is then carried out keeping in mind various safety aspects. 

Here are 2 important safety measures focused upon by professional commercial demolition service:

It goes without saying that contractors who do not follow the necessary safety guidelines and risk environmental and employee safety, lose their licenses. To ensure optimum safety of workers, residential and commercial demolition service must necessarily adhere to OSHA standards. During the demolition process, they must also ensure environment-friendly deconstruction in keeping with EPA standards. A responsible contractor will carefully remove any hazardous materials like asbestos even before they start the demolition process.

Today there is an increased awareness about eco-friendliness. Expert demolishers adopt environment -friendly measure in keeping with the consumer demand for green construction. Ensuring safety of demolition workers – One of the major aspects commercial demolition service focuses on, is safety of demolition workers. These companies predominantly focus on creating holes and tearing things up. Professionally-managed demolition companies are well aware of the need to ensure optimum fall protection. They make it mandatory for their demolition workers to wear full body restraints especially while working around open wall, holes or open roof which is six feet or more in height.
  • They avoid any form of contamination caused due to hazardous chemical exposure – Mostly, commercial demolition service is called for only to raze old buildings. Newer buildings constructed in recent years do not contain any toxins such as lead and asbestos. Workers must therefore be protected completely from exposure to these hazardous chemicals. Some of the chemicals and potentially hazardous toxins present in the older buildings must be carefully worked around.
Which are the areas where the commercial demolition service works the best?
  • An experienced commercial demolition service works to demolish industrial structures which have different safety and working schedules. This is carried on especially in chemical, petroleum, mechanical and automotive industrial areas. However, the commercial demolition service should ensure that the environment or human life is not adversely affected by SMF or Synthetic Mineral Fibers. This product is used in thermal and sound protection products. This is because SMF is not as poisonous as asbestos is. As SMF contains fiberglass, there is an increased speculation as to whether it can lead to lung cancer. Common symptoms associated with SMF exposure include nose, eyes and throat irritation.  Responsible commercial demolition service will ensure that all its workers wear protective clothing and respirators when they are vulnerable to possible SMF contact.
  • Demolition services are also hired by forensic investigation agencies to understand and to carry out explosion in coal mines, quarries, near the private residential homes of criminals and they are also trained in understanding the working of accidental detonators and their vibration. However, good services ensure that the people in an area are not exposure to formaldehyde containing wood dust, which is another hazard for demolition workers. When inhaled, wood dust sticks to the nasal cavity causing irritation. In extreme cases, consistent exposure is known to have caused nasal cancer in some wood workers. It is imperative for the commercial demolition service to equip their workers with protective respiration gear while working with paneling or particle board.
These are safety aspects a good demolition contractor will keep in mind as he handles his projects. The best commercial demolition service companies will carefully monitor the above mentioned hazardous substances and ensure that they adhere to OSHA regulations and standards during the demolition procedures.

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