Bring a new life into your home by Floor sanding and polishing

We all like to keep our homes clean and uncluttered. After expensive renovation, it is vital to maintain the furniture and the flooring so that the house is able to hold on to its current resale value. A dilapidated home will not be able to attract potential client’s attention if it is introduced in the real estate market for sale. Many people like to have timber flooring in their homes because it is durable and delivers exemplary results to the users. Floor sanding and polishing is necessary to ensure that it is able to meet the expectations of the homeowners.

One should only contact the professionals who are well versed with the floor sanding as they can handle the job in a precise manner. Timber flooring should be carried out according to the color selection of the homeowners. Prior to the sanding operation, the old covering of the flooring should also be removed by the users. Moreover, the sub flooring must be removed before the cleaning project is started.

Maintaining the polished floor:
  • To accomplish the sanding process of flooring Tung oil, an extremely important lubricant is used without any problem. Moreover, different types of Polyurethanes are used according to the requirements and specifications of the users. They play an important role in extending the longevity of the flooring.
  • After sanding, it is vital to use the socks while walking on the floor. Because of the application of oil, the floor needs 48 hrs so that it could be dried quickly and effectively. Sanding is a very important procedure to remove the impurities from the floor. Furniture should not be shifted on to the floor till its final coating is removed. After the completion of the floor, rug must not be placed for about 2 days.
  • One of the most important techniques of the Floor sanding and polishing procedure is that it should be kept away from the exposure to sunlight. It is a well known fact that the floor surface requires about 14 days to be set and handle furniture and other objects of similar weight as well as size. Direct sunlight can cause the flooring color to fade over a period of time. Therefore, curtains should be used to protect the homes and increase the durability of the flooring.
  • In order to maintain the floors, it is vital to make a plan and create suitable strategies to enhance their strength and longevity without any problem.
  • One of the most important tips for carrying out Floor sanding and polishing is to search a suitable professional who is able to handle the complex tasks and resolve them as per your expectations.
  • The company carrying out the cleaning work should be licensed and have a good reputation of providing quality services. Internet is the best place to find more information about the vendors that offer maintenance service to the homeowners. In order to make the best choice procure quotes from various vendors located in the area. By analyzing the portfolio of the projects and related cost, one can easily take correct and accurate decision.
  • In order to accomplish the task of floor sanding, all the furniture is removed from the designated area.  Thereafter, the floor is cleaned to start the process so that it can be successfully completed.
  • Nail holes must be filled with color filling that gels seamlessly with wooden flooring. Custom edge sander is used to accomplish the task of sanding and clean the floor. In order to protect the flooring, more than 3 coats of polyurethane are used that ward off the dust particles without any issue.
Hopefully you will get all the necessary details! Go through this link to know more about Floor sanding and polishing.

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