How good is an Idea of Photocopier Lease?

Any business would always like to cut down its daily operational cost. Many offices incur a huge amount of expense on stationary, equipment such as photocopiers, printers, desktops. The copier is something without which it is impossible to run an office. There are always some duplicate copies to be filed or given to customers. Now, no one doubts the necessity of this handy equipment; the dilemma is where to purchase it or go for a Photocopier Lease.

For a startup business, purchasing it may be too huge an expenditure. These equipment’s cannot be called as investments in spite of their aid to daily operations because depreciation charges are involved. Now, let’s look at the reason why it makes more sense to lease a photocopier rather than buy it:
  1. New copiers will take time to break even and this is why it makes more sense to make small lump sum payments such as a lease rather than buy equipment and pay up front. The money so saved can be utilized for other expansion plans or marketing efforts rather than increasing expenses.
  2. Lease payments are unaffected as far as interest rates are concerned; this allows one to budget and plan for cash flow.
  3. Leasing also helps in reducing taxes as it will be counted as an expense rather than an asset.
  4. Technology is improving at a faster rate and for a new business it pays to wait in the initial years till profits start pouring in and then invest in the latest model or technology. Leasing allows one to enjoy the current technology without incurring a cost.
  5. Since, modern technology is making things more compact and multi-functional with each passing day; it pays to wait and invest in only one equipment that will do multiple jobs.
  6. Any office equipment is purchased with an aim to increase return on investments. When one opts for Copier Lease, then one is optimizing his or her returns and then when returns become greater than investments; a purchase may be considered.
Buying a Photocopier

Now, if it has been decide to purchase an equipment; it must be kept in mind that the output should be worthwhile.

Hence, always compare the number of papers that can be printed and copied, ink cost, servicing costs, ease of maintenance before buying.

Another important factor to be considered is that even if the equipment provides a high input; does the business require so many copies or prints? If it does not, then there is no point in spending money on latest and biggest machinery.

If you would like to know more then get more information about Photocopier Lease. Keep in touch to get more details!

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