See the Uses of several different techniques for Metal Cutting

In current scenario metal cutting is a technique which offers a possibility of getting the metals cut to different sizes and different shapes according to an individual’s needs which is carried out by implications of various methodologies. It is very tricky to cut metal into pieces due to various properties of metals such as brittleness, ductility, and the strength. This is the reason why there are different methods and varying machinery that makes the process of metal cutting relatively simple.

  • The easiest way to cut metal it to cut it manually and it is done using the tools that can be manually operated or in most of the cases there are also automatic tools available to do the job. It can be carried out with the help of hacksaw which is also similar to the wood saw but the blades of the hacksaw consists special steel that enables it to be strong enough in order to work its way through the metal.
  • Another tool known as chisel can also be used for the purpose of cutting of metal but it is mainly used to cut small and tiny pieces of the metal in order to make it look smooth and give it a good finish. For this purpose a hardy chisel also known as a cold chisel is used and when the metal has been softened after the heating process, the chisel is forced through the metal.
  • The next manual method for cutting of metal is by the usage of shears which is basically a pair of giant scissors having blades made of carbon steel that allows the shears to cut a number of varying gauge steels. A several metal exist which are too tough which states that manual cutting of the metal is not possible and in these cases the machine cutting methods are used to get the work done in an efficient manner.
Few steps of Machine Cutting:

The very first step in machine cutting is the turning process which involves the use of a very sharp point that is being applied to the surface of metal and then this particular point it rotated at a very high speed with the help of a lathe. After that the top layer of the metal is removed to some pre-determined size as per the requirements. The drilling process is also applied on the metal, by rotation and force the drill is applied on the metal because of which the cut takes place in the metal. Generally, the process of drilling is used for the creation of holes of different size in the metal.

The next important procedure used for cutting is laser cutting and this is a new and emerging technology. The process of laser cutting uses a beam of light which is set at a very high temperature and it focuses just on a small point. The laser beam is very easy to operate and control, and this is the reason why complicated and complex shapes can be cut out from the metal with great ease. Even a computer can control the laser beam and so the pattern can be easily programmed into the computer which is followed by the laser beam.

Finally, the best and eco-friendly method for metal cutting is water which is known as erosion cutting. The methodology of erosion cutting uses water for cutting of metal in which water is fired at a very high speed and this causes the wearing out of metal and making it weak. No heat is evolved in the process.

These are above techniques for Metal Cutting. If you would like to know more then Click here and get some more information.

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