Use Cable Handling Equipment for Competence at Work

Cable handling equipment aim at gripping and hauling various types of cables. There are a wide range of cable handling equipment that range from manual equipment to large winches that can pull large cables. They make hauling easy. When you look at the websites of material handling equipment organization, you will come across a wide range of choices.

  • Cable Entry V Roller: This is a very effective way to guide and protect cables during installation. They are robust and functional rollers made to direct the cable from a storage drum to its destination that can be either a duct or pipe. The rollers prevent the cable from damage due to an obstacle.
  • Cable Drum Jack-- The cable drum jacks are meant for rough use and can be used for huge drums of cable weighing several tons. The jacks are sturdy and have strong base plates to handle heavy huge load in a safe way.
  • Cable Pull Grip: This tool helps cable pull grip the cable. When the cable is firm it leads to safe, smooth and efficient pulling of the cable. The amount of cable a cable pull grip varies from equipment to equipment.
  • Cable Rollers: Cable rollers help in easy distribution of cable over rough terrain ensuring that the cable damage is minimal. There is a cable drum that rotates around the roller so that cable flows consistently. These are very handy, and compact tools that help in convenient installation of cables.
  • Cable Reel Trolley: These manually operated trolleys have large wheels and are used to transport drums of cable.
  • Cable Drum Rotators: These are robust easily rotatable tools are used to distribute cable from their storage drums.
  • Cable Drum Lifter Stands & Trailers--The portable cable drum stands can be bought in varying sizes, such as one ton, two ton and three ton capacity. They are galvanised trailers and best for transporting drums of cables to the work site.
  • Cable Cutters: Cable cutters work in a speedy way to cut cables and work using any PUJ hydraulic pump. However, these cutters are meant for cutting wire.
  • Split Bell Mouths & Split Duct Rollers-- Split bell mouths help in a damage-free transfer of cables into conduits. Split duct rollers guide and transit cables at tight angles.
The cable handling equipment suppliers provide you with every required cable managing technique, devices, steps, tools, cable and workbenches. When you buy cable handling equipment ensure that they are manufactured with high precision and quality raw materials for long term rough use. You can search online for companies that offer cable handling equipment. You can read the product details, check the shipment policies and other terms and conditions before making a purchase. You can read reviews online and also check testimonials on the site. You can do a comparative study of cable handling equipment before making any purchase decision.

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