Types and Benefits of Fire Hose Reels

The main assets of businesses are its factory, people and the equipment used. Being an owner of a business, safety of all these assets is of utmost importance. Investing on these assets ensures longevity of the business. This means your workplace should be equipped with fire safety gadgets like smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers including fire hose reels. Some of the advantages of fire hose reels are:  

  • If you have a hose reel in your workplace, you need to allow your employees to approach it when there is any fire accident. In case of fire, it is not at easily possible to set up a long hose. Affordable fire hose reels will provide you with controlled steam of water. A 30-meter fire hose wheel is very common kind that is mainly opted by many people. It has 18mm round tube attached to the wall. This is mainly used by firemen. It is a very convenient type of hose wheel.
  • The valves of fire hose reels can be manual or automatic. Manual fire hose wheels are quite similar to the garden ones. Before you run out the fire hose, you have to turn the gate valve in order to let the water into the system. Thus the fire hose will become free from frost and any other damages. Fire hoses with automatic valve will keep the water on permanently. However, when you run the reel, the automatic valve will save both effort and time as a simple twist of hose reel nozzle can allow smooth water flow from the fire hose. This type of hose is best for emergencies.
  • There are several firefighting procedures that are really effective. Affordable fire hose reels are very effective when you face a deadly fire accident. Fire hoses will help in putting off fires in fabric wood stores, warehouses, schools and also other workplaces. In order to keep the fire hoses neat and tidy, you need hose reels. For your offices, some of the best sizes of the reel which you should opt for are 19mm or 25mm fire hose. Reels of these sizes are on the swinging bracket which will let the hose pulled in several directions within 180 degrees.
  • The fire hoses are efficient safety equipment for fire accidents. Hose reels are made in order to keep the fire hose clean and accessible at times of emergencies. Your workplace can be safe and protected from fire accidents if you use fire hose reels. These are mainly used for the businesses with clothes, wood and others.

There are two main types of fire hose reels which are as follows:

Swing Type Hose Reels

Swing type of fire hose reel is of 30m in length. This is mainly red in color. This type of reel is popular for its performance and ease in installation.

Continuous Type of Hose Reel

This type of reel is mainly designed for smooth and continuous flow of water at all the times. In this type, the hose needs to be unwound before use. These types of reels are mainly fitted in spray nozzle. This type of continuous hose reel are either fixed or portable. The main difference between these two is that portable ones can be wheeled on any location where there is outbreak of fire. It is recommended to fix the flexible connection between the inlet pipe and swivel joints in order to avoid damages. The fire hose reels are very important in fire safety. Just like the other firefighting equipment, it should be taken good care of. It is also highly important to handle the device with great care.

Hope you get all advantages of fire hose reels. Get in touch with us to get additional information.

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