Electric And Remote Roller Shutters For Protection And Privacy

Shutters are meant primarily to offer protection – protection from the weather and from unwanted intrusions. In most commercial set up, the prime reason for installing rolling shutters is that they act as security doors and offer protection from burglars or vandalism. But you get a double benefit when you can ensure your security and also protect your property against the rough weather conditions with the help of a button- the motorized and automated roller shutters make your work less hectic, and with the blink of an eye, you can see your garage shutter or your window shutter open and close.

Types of shutters

There are different variants of Electric and Remote roller Shutters, and manufacturers are constantly in search of better innovations for both home and commercial range of automated rolling shutters.
  • A popular variant of automated shutters in the commercial sector where security is not the prime concern is the transparent roller shutters.
  • These shutters are made of slats that are placed with a measured gap between them enabling display of products within the shop even before opening, and after closing hours.
  • Instead of regular gaps between slats, the slats can also be perforated at regular intervals to allow for display vision.
  • Another option is rolling grill shutters where the shutter curtain is made in the form of a grill that is capable of rolling up and down. This too is ideal for display of products in a closed shop, in passages within a mall to demarcate area, and in parking garages.
Secure electrical operation
  • In places where security is the prime concern, single skin rolling shutters are most beneficial. They are normally made out of galvanized steel that provides protection from rusting and ensures long life.
  • These automated single skin shutters are cost-effective and provide maximum security against storms, burglary, and vandalism. Where the climatic conditions demand, they can be customized to withstand strong wind conditions.
  • Whatever be their size, they are operated by the electric push button. In case of power failure, they can be operated with hand cranks or chain pulley.
  • These shutters can also be equipped with automatic motion sensors, and they are in high demand in automobile, food, pharmacy and chemical industries.
The remote control

Electric and Remote roller shutters are motorized such that apart from being operated by electric button, they can also be controlled by a remote control.
  • Remote control is used, apart from the conventional wall-mounted electric control. Any mobile device such as a phone or a portable transmitter can be used to open and close the roller shutters.
  • These devices can also take in error messages and maintenance alerts your shutters seem to be in need of a repair or maintenance work.
  • The remote also has obstacle detection sensors as they come with a safety device.
  • In case of forced opening attempts, the system will give out alarm signals on the mobile device as well as the wall-mounted device. It resists any kind of tampering or manual lifting.
The added benefit is the frost detection quality, as there can be an instant alarm when there is a layer of frost on the shutters, during the winter.

Insulated and motorized

When your industrial needs require thermal insulation along with security, the option open before you is that of the double wall insulated roller shutters. Made out of pre-coated galvanized steel that is insulated to minimize heat loss. The shutter strips are individually galvanized and insulated to cater to maximized thermal conditions. They are widely used in warehouses, factories and loading bays that require both insulation as well as high security. These shutters are checked through high quality acoustic tests and they also undergo mechanical and electrical safety testing procedures, apart from climatic tests.

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