Get Traditional And Portrait Tattoos To Make Your Style Statement

Tattooing is a stylized art form that is practiced and appreciated the world over, because of which more and more people are opting to decorate their bare skin with different artistic forms. There has been time immemorial when tattoos were done by tribes and Celtic herdsmen. They were the traditional tattoos, whereas the new generation loves more geometric designs, graphic art forms, short and sweet floral patterns and the essential feminine art forms that can be represented on the lower back or on the shoulders.

Traditional Tattoo
Traditional Tattoo

The Traditional Type

When you talk about tattoo style and design, you can choose among the numerous traditional designs that have been dominant through the years. These traditional looking designs can look like fashionable comebacks. They were initially used as mode of self-expression by people such as sailors who had them made on their bodies as unique identification marks usually on their hands and or arms.
  • This is why the traditional tattoos usually picture an anchor in the backdrop of a sea.
  • It was also common to have initials of themselves or their loved ones on their hands. Thus, the traditional tattoo forms of initials on arms and hands of people.
  • The drawing of a heart is another traditional tattoo design that came up with the advent of the pop culture.
  • These traditional tattoos are badge-like and they also represent the traditional customs, rituals and even the religious symbols.
  • They also incorporate images of birds and animals among which the eagle and the vulture are the most popular incorporating captions too.
  • The traditional tattoo designs make use of dark and heavy strokes with solid colors that are visible from across the street. When done by a professional with a profound artistic sense the traditional forms can have an amazing effect.
  • The modern forms of traditional tattoos make use of dark colors to draw images of animals, flora and fauna and sometimes combine the human form too.

The Portrait Style

Another popular stylized tattoo design is the making of tattoo portraits. These portraits are done either in a realistic way or an artistic reproduction of the person’s face. Both loved ones, as well as celebrities, form the themes of both traditional and Portrait tattoos.
  • This is a highly artistic way of drawing a tattooed figure, as the portrait can have different angles just as in real portrait painting or photography.
  • Portrait tattoo are drawn on the arms, rather than on the bare and large exposed areas of the body such as the chest or the back. The reason is that the arm is more often left bare, than the chest or the back despite the fact that the arm has less surface area, and it is more complicated to draw them there.
  • Portrait tattooing is a form that is popular with both men and the women.
  • The portrait of a person displays her or his face and the expression that is associated with the face. Thus having a portrait tattoo on one’s arm usually associates the mood and the attitude that the tattooed person carries.
  • Portrait tattoos then become a candid vehicle of self-expression to the world without speaking a word.

Identify with Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been in use since pre-historic neo-lithic times and mummified evidence of tattooed bodies have been some of the archeological highlights of the modern times. A number of ancient cultures all over the world have been using tattoo using natural dye made from organic materials. Some other cultures have made use of tattoo for therapeutic purposes as well. Some tribes and ethnic groups consider the typical tattoo designs on their bodies as a mark of their belonging to the community in which they live. Thus modern tattoo, be it the traditional design or the traditional and Portrait tattoos, convey the personality of the person wearing it.

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