Motel Accommodation Provides Lodging At Budget Price

The modern motel rooms

Travelers who wish to visit a host of places across the country will look for cheap accommodations that will fit into their travel and stay budgets, as well as provide quality accommodations. In the past, motels had mixed reputations of having clean to filthy rooms along the highway buildings. Nowadays, motels offer clean and good accommodation that can also move upwards to the luxury category.

  • If you are looking for a downtown motel accommodation, you can usually find them at nodal points from where tourist or guests can move towards places of interest.
  • The rooms, apart from being clean and comfortable also offer hospitality like free tea or coffee to the guests. Children are not separately charged for if they share the existing beds with their parents.
  • Of course on-site free parking is an indispensable feature of motels, however modern they may become.
  • Some will also include free Wi-Fi as part of their room tariff.
  • Since the modern motels have to compete with hotels offering cheap rooms, they have started including common facilities such as facilities for disabled guests and luggage storage apart from elevator, heating, and air-conditioning services.
The different sizes

The type of rooms in motels can vary from double bed to queen-sized or king-sized. Additional beds are available in the family rooms to accommodate families traveling with children too. A modern and quality motel also offers electrical gadgets and private kitchens which have refrigerators and microwave for cooking facilities. This helps save on buying dinner while having the eating at home experience too. Satellite televisions are common to most motel rooms. These motels can also boast of reception desk service like those of hotels.

The added facilities 

Since the motels can boast of services that were unheard of until a few decades back, they try to pack in as much as they can within apart from renting out rooms at cheap rates.
  • Most of them have late check-out facilities, and check-in extends to little before midnight.
  • For those who check in without cars, an airport shuttle is also available at extra charges.
  • Since they are largely used by tourists who have come to visit destinations in a city, there are also travel help desks in the motel with sight-seeing facilities.
  • Some also boast of landscaped terraces that serve as relaxing points for the weary traveler.
  • There is also ample space within the ground premises that can be used as play areas by children tired of being held up within cars.
Book them ahead
Since the concept of motel accommodation is no longer that of a highway drive rooms lined up on a building facing the road for convenient luggage off-load, but has extended much beyond, you can book them online too. If you are planning a vacation when accommodation is bound to be scarce, it is better that you check out their facilities online and book them too. Most of them have websites for this purpose where payment mode too is secure. Most of their rates are low and are comparable to other competitors.

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