Availability and how to install Cornice depending on your building’s Requirement

When you want to know about cornice installation, you must first understand what is a cornice. A cornice is used to provide an attractive finishing touch or a complete finish at the junction of the wall and ceiling in your room. It is not just a decorative element, but it also enhances the durability of the wall and ceiling joints. The installation of a new cornice can dramatically improve the overall look of your room. But that also depends on what kind of adhesive you use for the cornice installation.

How to install a cornice all by yourself?

You can consult a professional cornice installation service or else, you can do it yourself. When you are not experienced about how to carry on cornice installation, you can just go through several home design ideas and cornice design catalogues that will show you how to install and maintain a cornice in your rooms.

Step 1: in many double storey homes where a concrete slab is used as a form of ceiling for the downstairs’ rooms, a well-integrated cornice installation can prove to be helpful. You can just call in the cornice installation professionals, or else, you can start it all by yourself.

Step 2:  you have to use a sandpaper of grit 2, to proceed with the sanding of the corner of the walls and the ceiling, before you start the cornice installation. This roughing up not just cleans the wall, but it also helps to create a firm bonding when you apply the adhesive later on.

Step 3: next the mitre box and the saw need to be used in a proper manner. You should place the cornice at the back end of the mitre box so that the cornice remains in an upside down position, that is, the edge that you need to fix to the ceiling, must be on the lower end of the mitre box.

Step 4: then you cut small strips of molding, only after checking the angles, and fix them with adhesives. When you have decided about the right angle for the cornice installation, you can easily adjust the cornice and install it finally. The adhesive can also be used as a sealant for filling up any holes or gaps on the topmost and the bottom edges of the wall and ceiling. Next you can use a good variety of plastic or acrylic paint to apply a coat of varnish and paint on your ceiling.

Thus your cornice installation now gets complete.

Availabilities of cornice installation services:
  • The plaster products for the cornice offered by the reputed companies ensure maximum quality and that plastering, along with other required tasks to be carried out in a building are equally stressed on.
  • These companies give in for a wide array of plaster products which may include ornamental cornices, compounds and even insulation. Plaster accessories and products like the angles and the metallic battens are highly available at affordable costs.
  • Companies associated with the building industries, especially with cornicing, gives in for professional persons who are well-trained and efficient in carrying out cornicing with maximum output.
  • These tradesmen are qualified enough to understand and analyze the requirement of the room where cornicing has to be done, and get going accordingly. Besides, these professional people are even capable of initiating contemporary appearances to the homes by creating and installing eye-catching cornices which, at one go, gets the home to another level.
Apart from decorative cornices, these companies work on plaster boards, repairs on plaster, insurance tasks and even fibrous plaster against reasonable charges.

The basic part is how to install the cornice and how to maintain it according to some set guidelines. If you want to know more than let’s go to the details.

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