Services offered by swimming pool leak detection service provider

Does your pool water level vary with every passing day? If yes, then there is surely some pool leakage problem. Water level also changes with the changing climatic conditions. Humidity and wind have an effect on the water level. When compared to regular evaporation, if you find more decrease in water level then it might be because of pool leakage problems. Swimming pool leak detection service can prove to be of great use in such situation.

Look for swimming pool leak detection service provider that digs out area of leakage without creating any kind of destruction. Some basic signs of pool leak are:
  • Do you find sinking or lifting pool deck? If yes, then definitely there is some leakage problem.
  • Are there any soggy spots around the pool? Again if your answer is yes, then it is sign of leakage problem.
Leakage problem can also be determined if equipment losses prime or if you notice cracks. Swimming pool leak detection service provider may carry out bucket test to find out the exact place of leakage. Services offered by such service providers to detect leaks in swimming pool are:

First is to locate the leak

In order to make out leaks at equipment pads, the company will first have a look at pipe valves, heater, pumps, filter, etc. Ground moisture level is also scrutinized to check wet areas around the pool. Are there any tears and separations around lights, skimmers, cleaner line, etc? Service provider will look after it if you have vinyl liner pool.

Professional service providers will double check the suspected areas related to leakage problem. Using tape marking system, they will mark water level of pool at skimmer. After 24 hours, it becomes essential to check water level. If the level decreases more than 1/4th inch leakage problem exists for sure.

Locate leak with bucket test. This test is done with pump on and off. Bucket is filled with water and is placed on the pool steps by swimming pool leak detection service provider. Water level of bucket is same like that of pool water level and this water level is marked by the service provider. After 24 hours, if the company finds big drop in water line, then the leakage problem can be confirmed.

When the filtration system is turned off, such service provider will have a close look at the water dropping. Leakage can be identified where the water stops dropping. Leak can be in filtration system, light housing, bottom of the pool, etc. Using such methods, professional swimming pool leak detection service provider will detect leakage problems.

Second is fixing leakage problem

Leakage treatment depends on the exact location of leakage. Pool putty is used to fix skimmer cause by separation of concrete pool and plastic skimmer. When it comes to light leaks, such service provider patch bad conduit connection. Caulk, silicone, putty, etc. are used to fix this problem. Wet patch kit is used to fix liner leaks.

Professionals also make use of television camera added to the plumbing pipes to determine leakage problems. Pool technicians inject air in pipe and then make use of sensitive microphone to listen air escaping sound.

Inquire in detail about the amount you need to pay for leak detection. Most importantly, the amount depends on location of leak and the complexity involved in it. Look for contractor or service provider that has license to carry out leakage detection.

It is advisable to get in touch with local swimming pool leak detection service provider who can meet your requirements and can offer you with quick services.

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