Cutting Edge Technology for Quality Metal Cutting Services

Metal cutting refers to the process where metal is cut to produce the geometry desired for the perfect use of the metal, also giving the finish that it requires for the purpose.

  • The metal can be cut in different ways according to industrial needs and specifications. For example, drilling a hole into metal is the most common and raw form of cutting into a metal surface.
  • The holes will then be used to screw up the metal against other parts or surfaces. Machining is a common way of metal cutting that is used in various industrial sectors.
  • Cutting can be done at single or multiple points with the cutting tools.
Computer aided cutting

Most industrial and commercial needs make use of quality metal cutting services in keeping with standardization and improved technology. Machining these days makes use of the latest technology to provide quality metal cutting. Most companies make use of a combination of computer software and laser technology for this purpose. The CAD helps to draw or export the design of your part and also helps to correct and smooth out any fault to ensure that your part will function in a trouble free-way. You can customize your product online and thus place an instant order for the cutting.

The laser beam cutting

The next part of the process is laser cutting. This technology makes use of intense laser high-density light beams that are focused on the metal through a very small hole in a nozzle.
  • Since the beam produces heat of a high degree, it cuts the specific part with precision at the point by vaporizing the metal.
  • Distortion produced by heat is minimal because of the pin-pointing precision of the laser beams.
  • The cut parts remain flat without the blur of conventional heat method used for cutting.
  • It is a low-cost cutting method that is quick, as there is no need for physical tool application.
  • The laser cutting application goes well with any type of two-dimensional cutting for both machinery parts as well as decorative items.
Cut by milling

The laser machining can be applied for a range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and also plain steel and the spring steel. Some alloys like those of copper are difficult to cut with laser light as the metal tends to reflect the light while absorbing the heat. Plastic is difficult to deal with laser due to emission of toxic fumes. This makes machining by laser best suited for industrial purposes. The other popular industrial cutting involves milling of products by different methods. A company that provides quality metal cutting services can give you the right option that should be used for the specific part that you wish to cut.
  • CNC or computer numerical milling is generally used for almost any metal. This is the advantage that milling has over laser, and is used for making most industrial components.
  • Photo chemical milling makes use of photo plating of the metal surface that will make it sensitive to light. The ultraviolet light that it is exposed to will then cut the metal where the plating material is applied. This is especially used to produce etched cutting of metal sheets.
  • The computer numerical plasma cutting makes use of high temperature and high velocity ionized gas stream. The metal is heated to a condition where the gas stream blows away the metal where required.
Other milling processes

Since milling is used mostly for industrial purposes, there are also other modes used in milling such as turret punching, turning process or feeding the cutting tool in the turning or moving part to be cut. Water-jet cutting and wire EMD cutting are some other popular methods used as per the need of the part to be cut.

These are the above processes of Metal Cutting services. If you want to get more details about it then go through this link.

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