Keep Your Car in Top Shape with Major Car Service Specialists

Car servicing allows a car owner to maximize the lifespan and the value of car that he owns. All the major car servicing specialists have expert technicians who are trained to service any marquee and model of car using the updated techniques. They customize the consumers experience by offering commitment of best offerings and by providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service. The major car servicing specialists are usually the company owned service centres or company authorized service centres. However, with high growth in the annual percentage of cars sold in the world, there is huge increase in the mixed car service centres all over the world.

Major car service

The major car servicing specialists have their service centres in separate locations and they connect all the centres through enterprise management system and through their websites and by launching Mobile Apps for customer convenience.

Main Offerings:
  • They offer a bigger percentage of discounts than the main car dealers if the customers take full car service.
  • Varied service offerings:
  1. Interim Service.
  2. Full Service.
  3. Major Service.
  4. Interim Service and MOT.
  5. Full Service and MOT.
  6. Major Service and MOT.
  7. Fully Synthetic Upgrade.
  • They have a clear defined charts of service offerings for:
  1. Engine maintenance.
  2. Fuel maintenance.
  3. Drive System.
  4. Electrical System repair and maintenance.
  5. Steering and suspension maintenance.
  6. Exhaust and brakes repair and maintenance.
  7. Vision.
  8. Internal and general maintenance.
  • Various Insurance Offers.

Website Description

The major car service specialists have their own websites and presence on Google map via Google Location. The website collate following in well-defined form:
  1. Search Option for location and Model based Auto –Centre.
  2. Car Repair Offerings.
  3. Various Packages for Services.
  4. Various discount packages.
  5. Options to set MOT reminders.
  6. Different options of services for different brands and models.
  7. Different Air Con Maintenance services.
  8. Different Car Care services.
  9. Basket Purchase options with prominent payment gateways.
  10. Weekly Offers.
  11. Guarantees offered.
  12. Facebook and Twitter links for consumers to like their pages and stay connected with their updated posts.
  13. Compliments and complains page.
  14. Environment and Recycling Promotions.
  15. Terms and Conditions Page.
  16. Contact Details of the Locations and the Head Office.
  17. Varied blogs on relevant topics like MOT advice, Servicing advice, Brakes advice, Tyres advice, Air Conditioning advice, Car care advice etc.
car servicing

Guarantee Offerings by the Car Servicing Specialists:
  1. Quality Guarantee.
  2. Price Promise.
  3. Customer Satisfaction.
  4. Round the Year Service Guarantee.
  5. Use of brand name components and lubricants
  6. Full trained mechanics
  7. State of the art workshop
  8. Each work carried out on site
  9. Service of each brand of car.
Staff or Mechanics Offering Services at Car Servicing Centres:
  1. Different mechanic is responsible for repairing and servicing different brands of vehicles.
  2. The mechanic should be an expert in all the parts of the vehicles or brand he is offering services for.
  3. Each car mechanics must know how to repair and service the brakes, transmissions, engines, front ends, back ends, air conditioners, and the ignition system.
  4. All car mechanics are required to continuously update their mechanical and technical skills and learn about the new vehicles that come in the market.
  5. As automotive technology continues to advance, it is essential for the major servicing car specialists to ensure that their mechanics understand the new computer programs well and know how they each vehicles works.
  6. Each mechanic should have excellent communication and customer service skills to work closely with vehicle owners and to satisfy all queries of the customers.

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