Technical support to keep Printers functioning

The technological advancement has led to innovation of many things to simplify our lives be it mobile, wireless technology etc. all this helps us to get connected on the go thus improving our lifestyles. Just a decade ago, there were miles and bundles of wires connecting printer and variety of other devices to the computer. There were paper jams and printers had a reputation of running out of ink frequently. But just as the printer started to become obsolete, drastic changes in technology made printers essential and giving us the reasons we use them. Today, they still print simple report for school, projects etc. but now they are equipped with the power to print detailed graphics, photos, scan and photocopy documents and also provide fax facility. The improvements and wireless printing, has innovated printers again. 


Despite of all advancements in technology, Printers are still termed as output devices used to prepare hard copy on paper.

Printers are divided into two categories:
  • Impact Printers, where hammers or pins strike against a carbon ribbon and paper to print the text. E.g.
  • Character printer; prints one character at a time. It has a slower speed; for example dot matrix printer.
  • Line printer utilizes a laser beam to produce an image on a drum. They are much faster, quieter and can print high resolution graphics.
  • Non-impact printers use non-impact technology where high quality characters and images are printed by spraying patterns of ink on the paper through a jet or a nozzle. Laser and ink-jet printers use this technology. These printers provide better quality output at higher speed.
Despite all the advancements and up-gradations, the printer can break down with any sort of high end technological or a basic fault. It is important that they are regularly maintained and serviced for a break free output. There are professional printer service specialist specializing in all sorts of repairs and services of any type of brand and integrated printers. They also provide with printer sales and maintenance contracts, hardware consultancy as per requirement etc. 

Printer Service

Support by printer service specialist:
  • Periodic maintenance by certified technician
  • Printer fault diagnosis, repairs, cleaning & spare parts supply
  • Print head repairs & restoring for all types of printers
  • Individual attention to defective part without mishandling other working units
  • Use of latest technology for repairs
  • Component level repairing of all printers
  • Servicing out of warranty products
  • Provide maintenance kit for any type of printer
  • Repair services with warranty
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through reliable, easy and fast service
  • Educate/train the staff or home users on usage of printers
  • Provide both onsite repairs and repairs at workshop depending on the fault
The printer service specialists can give end to end solutions for any type of low end to high end printers, like ink jet, laser jet, dot matrix, MFPs, and the line printers etc. They have all technical specialization to handle basic household to any large scale corporate printers. They are experienced to find the specific fault in the printer and provide a detailed report on the fault. On repairing the specific fault, they thoroughly check the printing output before closing the report. There is increase in competition amongst the repair specialists and so such companies try to hire experts in the field who can instantly find the fault or faulty part instead of mishandling the whole printer. They provide quality service at reasonable price.

Most of these specialists have ventured into new area of trading critical printer spare parts, which makes it simpler for home users and corporate to get the printer repaired instead of buying a new one every time.

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