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A roller shutter is typically a door or window covering consisting of numerous parallel laths, bars or slat system hinged together with a simple manual or motorized mechanism. They can be used at various places – homes, garages, ware houses, schools prisons etc. They are the most practical way to secure residential and commercial properties to be installed on existing door and windows.

window roller shutters

Function of roller shutter systems:
  • Break in protection for homes, shops and commercial properties etc.
  • Provides sun protection by acting as a curtain keeping the house cool and prevents furniture and upholstery to fade due to harsh rays of sun
  • Provide insulation against weather harshness by providing protection against atmospheric effects of hurricanes, rain, snow etc.
  • Helps in energy saving by maintaining optimal temperature during summers and winters
  • Reduces outside noise levels
  • Maintains privacy
They come in wide range of colors, designs and styles with an option of being made out of wood, PVC or aluminum to add to decorative and visual element, giving home a modern and stylish look. These window shutters are affordable and a good investment to save future electricity bills. 

roller shutters

Different Categories of Roller shutters
  • Built-on Shutter Door is fixed to the exterior of the building facade.
  • Built-in Shutter Door is built into the lintel above the window.
  • Integrated shutter where a window and roller shutter combined as a single unit
  • Shutter using slanting planks that are similar to venetian blinds
The industrial and commercial units have different type of shutters that are of heavy duty. They are ideal for shop fronts, kiosks, entrances and even place like schools, storages houses etc. These shutters are sleek and elegant and these do not provide any obstruction on entrance when rolled into their compact pelmet box. They are strong curtains that can be easily locked into the original position to add strength and security.

There are many units manufacturing and selling roller shutters. They also have a team of window roller shutter specialist who assist and guide the customer in choosing the right roller shutter as per their requirement and use. These specialists visit the site and take required measurements and help match the shutters to best suit the interiors. These roller shutters can be custom made as per the customer’s choice giving quality clubbed with exceptional value and timeless style. Their designing also includes providing best solution while maintaining the spacious look of the room. Their application knowledge can also give spacious and bright look to a boxed up room or area. The aim is to keep the personal space intact as per the customer’s preference. The specialists guide the customers about child safety as having strings and cords can be dangerous. In such places, their suggestion is to use electronic as they are tamper proof by children or pets.

Apart from selling and designing the window roller shutter specialist provide maintenance and service by
  • Conversions of roller shutters from manual to electric
  • Strap replacements
  • Help in Insurance claims
  • Residential and commercial services and repairs
  • Emergency call-out
  • Renovation of shutters
  • Installations against the existing exterior frames
  • Integrating them into front of the building
Window roller shutter specialist is committed to provide quality service by testing their products for endurance and quality before installation. Apart from this, they do quality checks on sound levels, mechanical and electrical safety tests, heat, fire oxidation and water resistance test and climate – humidity and temperature testing etc. The experts help in complete installation and also guide them on electronic or manual system as per the area of installation without compromise on design and functionality.

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