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Nowadays there is the extensive timber floor sanding and installation in each and every aspect. Sanding the wooden floors is highly economical, environmental friendly and involves low maintenance. It is a natural option for flooring which looks modern and in every way it is the best choice. The floors in a period of time might get faded scratched and damaged and so the renovation of the existing floors transforms the complete look of the house or office. 
floor sanding and polishing

The sanding of the floor is done with the help of proficient workmanship who serve the customers as per their choice. The specialists do the following things:
  • Floor sanding and polishing.
  • Use of both old and new timber, cork and parquetry floors
  • Timber decks, verandas and floor board are also replaced.
  • Timber stairs both interior and exterior.
  • Installation of timber flooring along with staining and lining.
  • The existing polished wooden floors are re-coated and re-finished.
  • The coverings of old floor is removed and disposed if necessary.
The timber floors are made more beautiful and stylish by floor finishes using high quality of tested products. The timber floor finishes can be classified into four parts:
  • Oil based floor finishes
It is a traditional way for wood floors that is based on natural oils. They are of satin appearance and do not wear well. It requires greater maintenance and may darken over a period of time.
  • Composite solvent based floor finishes
This wood finish has a combination of natural oils and urethanes in order to enhance wear qualities. It tends to have a subdued appearance of satin that darken the appearance of the floors as it ages.
  • Solvent based Polyurethane Floor finishes
It is considered to be the hardest finish in comparison to the other alternatives. They are not flexible but have excellent qualities. Thus, it requires very little maintenance. The odour that is produced is quite strong but fades away as the finish dries. It has high strength and also the most durable so it is the favourite finish for pet owners.
  • Water based floor finish
This is the most environment-friendly floor finish which is gaining popularity. It has the best wear qualities and is mostly applied on a sealer coat. This enhances the colour of the floor and possibly reduces the edge bonding between tongue and groove flooring. It has an extra advantage to cure faster producing little odour and so may be thought to be an alternative to stay in the house when the polishing of the floor is done.
  • Exterior Timber deck finishes
It is of premium quality and it is resistant to weather condition. It is also UV resistant, water repellent and the satin appearance of the exterior deck finish allows the wood grain to be visible. It is economical but needs frequent applications so that the wood remains in a good condition.
timber flooring installation

The process of floor sanding is vital and it is essential for all the nails and the groove boards to be punched below the surface of the floor board. The timber floor already has a coating but to start with a coarser grade of sandpaper is used. Then the punched holes are filled with a matched colored floor. The timber floor repairs and replacement will be undertaken in such a manner:
  • The floor shall be first sanded with finer grades unless and until the timber float boards are smooth. They should also be ready for the coating that is applied.
  • When the sanding process is complete then it is primarily coated with timber floor finish and let it dry overnight.
  • Finally, the floor is sanded with a specialist buffing machine before other coatings are applied.
  • The floor finis process is complete only after three layers of finishing are done.
Hope you get all the latest techniques on timber floor sanding and polishing service. Click here if you want to get more information about timber floor services.

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