Multiple Design options of Colorbond Carports for Your Home

Your carport is an area that offers protection of your car from the elements of weather and enhances the covered area of your total space. Apart from being economical, it also has the added advantage of increasing your parking space for your vehicle, especially when you need to take it out frequently. With its increasing popularity, manufacturers are offering a range of designs that come made in a variety of materials to suit the building fa├žade as well as the landscape as a whole. You can customize the layout and design, according to your carport size, and also use materials which are sturdy and beneficial for your everyday use. 
Colorbond Carports

Styling your Carport

Your carport design should be able to reflect your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home. There is a combination of colorbond carport designs that you can create using durable steel.
  • The design specification can be modeled on the freestanding style or be attached to the exterior of the house functioning much like a patio cover.
  • You can make the roof flat, gabled or a combination of both, keeping in the style matched to your building exterior.
  • In such cases keeping the gable at the center flanked by two flat sides is an attractive design that you can either set as standalone or even attach as a patio.
  • All such designs can also be used in the freestanding mode other than the awning type of build that will also serve as an extended space.
Design Options for Carports:

There are several designer carport ideas that you can comfortably transform into your own house using the best of the steel materials.
  • There is the pent-roof design of carport that is great to complement the modern straight line build of the exteriors of double storied buildings.
  • A similar design is the flat roof that has less fabrication than the pent-roof and gives a simpler look to the covered area.
  • You can use both the pent-roof as well as the flat roof to create colorbond carport designs that are compatible to support solar systems that will become a part of your green home environment.
  • The hipped roof carport design consists of a flat central part that slants on both sides to end at the supporting beam.
  • You can also make use of the convex curve to form the carport roof that is more compatible with a classical setup.
Making them Colorful

It is the elevation of the carport that will make all the difference to the structural design. Since the Colorbond steel is available in a range of colors, you can use mix and match style of the supporting pillar and the roof steel to create a stunning combination that either offsets your main building or complements it. Simplicity of design is the modus operandi for all modern carport designs. Making use of the Colorbond steel with it’s stunning range of colors can on the simple straight line designs will make them stylish.

The Right Choice of Design

The space that is available will become a determining factor in choosing the appropriate carport design and also the color combination since the basic colors will have the effect of making the place look smaller. While creating the appropriate designs, you will also have to take into consideration the number of cars and also their height.

If you are planning for a multiple carport that will be standalone, it is best to choose the simple fabrication made from the Colorbond steel, and cap it with a type of roof that will make your space look large. A flat roof or a pent-roof is likely to give the illusion of more space, than a conventional gable.

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