Which are the places where you can opt for Commercial and Residential Tiling Services?

Tiles are often preferred to other materials such as marble, since they are less expensive, and are easy to install and maintain. Both commercial spaces and residential buildings use tiles for flooring as well as walls. While tiling isn’t a difficult task and can be done on your own, it is best left to experts. 

Residential Tiling
Residential Tiling
Unless you are really pushed for cash, hiring commercial and residential tiling services is always a better option than making it a DIY project. Residential tiling services, for instance, include indoor floor and wall tiles, walkways, garages, decks, pool decks, driveways etc. you can hire professional tillers to choose the thickness, color and design of the riles, so that you can install these tiles into your living rooms, bathroom, and also inside the kitchen.

Where can the Tiling be carried Out?
  • Indoor Floor and Wall Tiles
    Tiles are available in different shapes, color and design for flooring as well as walls. The size of the tiles is more in case of floors and small tiles are used on the walls. You can select tiles of your choice from an extensive range.
  • Walkways
    Usually the walkways are made up of granite as it looks attractive and durable. Other materials can also be used but granite is the most preferred one as far as walkways are concerned. Large sized tiles with geometric shapes are the best ways to decorate your walkways. For this, you can hire the commercial and residential tiling services.
  • Garages
    Every home has garage to keep your vehicles. Whether the vehicle is large or small a garage is essential in every home. A garage with well maintained tiles looks good. Various options in color and design are available. This makes your garage looks special and you will love this space in your home.
  • Driveways
    There are many houses which has a driveway for the vehicles. These driveways also need to have a concrete floor for the vehicle to move on smoothly. Hence it is important to tile this place as well. Driveways need to be maintained properly and tiles used should have the capability to soak water.

Commercial Tiling
Commercial Tiling
Commercial Tiling made easy with Modern Methods:

There is a full range of tiling services available for commercial establishment. The companies provide services from start to finish. Commercial tiling includes shopping centers, restaurants, schools, airports, showrooms etc.
  • Shopping Complex
    Customers pile up in shopping complex to fulfill their daily needs. Hence tiling in shopping complex is important. There are lot of options to select colors, designs etc. for the floors. Well maintained shopping complex attracts customers and hence multicolored tiles are preferred which is easy to maintain and clean. Different tiles which are sturdy and durable are laid on the floors of a shopping mall.
  • Schools
    Schools have kids and hence it is important to tile the schools properly. The materials used in school tiles must be durable and intended for rough use. Also care must be taken that the tiles used must be non-slippery as children play in school and there are chances to slip on the floor if tiles are having a very smooth finish.
  • Airports
    Airports represent the status symbol of any country and specially the international airports. Hence the materials used in tiling the airports are of a high quality and have various designs to make an international mark. The tiles used are very expensive and finishing is excellent.
You must remember that while you hire commercial and residential tiling services, you must rely on experiences and budget, which are important factors when hiring tiling services, it is even more important to hire licensed contractors. Licensed contractors are often experienced in handling large projects, and have a professional approach to the job.

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