Start with a new Business with a Photocopier Rental and Service

In old days’ photocopier was just a device which could simply do one thing i.e. make copies. They used to be kept in one corner of the office waiting for somebody to press a button to start churning copies. However, it’s a different story in today world. One key question while buying these devices are, whether it will be more cost effective to purchase or lease out the equipment. Here are some thoughts to consider –

Photocopier Service
Photocopier Service
  1. The business will need to invest initial capital if they decide to purchase a new device.
  2. These devices are depreciating assets, since with usage and time the machine becomes obsolete and the efficiency reduces.
Benefits of taking a Photocopier on Rent over purchasing one

Taking a photocopier on rent is almost similar to leasing; however, taking copier on rent is a more flexible option. The main difference between rental and leasing is the time frame involved, since rentals are usually month to month basis whereas lease agreements are for longer time duration. Some advantages of taking a copier machine on rent are as follows:
  1. The company taking copier on rent has the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their equipment as and when needed. Whereas a company that owns its machine can only upgrade by disposing or reinvesting their existing asset.
  2. With a prior notice, cancellation of agreement is also possible incase company wants to opt out of the plan and want to switch over to more advanced version of photocopier. A rental service allows company to use a better and a more sophisticated copier than what they can truly afford.
  3. Since the service is included in the agreement, maintenance and repairs are not a problem. Most of the suppliers offer next day guarantee. A company has to simply call the supplier and an engineer is sent onsite to service the equipment. However, for own equipment a complaint has to be logged to the particular brand company from whom the copier has been purchased and they have their own turnaround time for engineers to visit the site, hence it will lead to more downtime thus delaying the work.
Multifunction Printers
Multifunction Printers
To keep the device in optimum working condition, regular servicing and maintenance of the machines is essential. Rental agreements manage the lifecycle of the equipment starting from procurement, deployment, upgrade, maintenance and finally retirement. Apart from this the service agreements are designed in a way that business need not have to worry about toner levels as they are also covered. Therefore, taking photocopier rental and service will not only help save capital cost but also help in increasing the service quality as company has the flexibility of upgrading to new versions of devices at a minimal cost.

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