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The art of tattoo has become a latest buzz word amongst the younger generation. Getting a tattoo done is highly fashionable for them. Tattoo making exists since ancient times and with modernization the art has become more sophisticated. They are made by using permanent ink which is injected into the inner layer of the skin, called dermis. There are tattoo artists who specialize in all forms of this art. Since this has been in great demand there are specific tattoo shops, studios and parlors with high end gadgets to create unique and beautiful designs. With advancement in technology, the machines used have been evolved from traditional manual ones to motorized ones, such as pneumatic and rotary. Even the types of needles used have changed and there is wide range of options available.

Tattoos Expert
Tattoos Expert
Few Common Tattoo Forms are as follows: -
  • Traumatic Tattoos- These are also called as natural tattoos which are formed as a result of injuries caused. They are naturally created when asphalt or gunpowder kind of material comes in contact with skin.
  • Amateur and Professional- These can be symbols of religions and spiritual beliefs apart from other decorative things.
  • Identification - These are used by various professional and government organizations for identification of human beings for forensic sciences and other official purposes.
  • Cosmetic- These are permanent tattoos which are used to hide skin discolorations or for hiding any surgical scars on the body.
  • Functional- They are temporary ones used for a specific purpose.
  • Medical- These are done to indicate any medically relevant condition.
Tattoo Girl
Tattoo Girl
Despite of different forms of tattoos available traditional ones are still sought after. For making them the services of traditional tattoos experts are widely available. These kinds of tattoos are typically made by using basic colors such as; red, yellow, orange, green, brown, blue and black. They are generally made with bold outlines and are heavily colored. For example, symbols of eagles, snakes, roses, skulls etc are some of the tattoos experts make. In earlier times sailors used to get these kinds of tattoos done on their bodies which included sketches of ships, anchors, flags etc as a symbol of their service.

Why Traditional Tattoos?
  1. These tattoos have been a rage among all enthusiasts since they look very attractive and colorful.
  2. They stay on for a longer time period and hence preferred over other forms.
Apart from being credited for their unique art form, a traditional tattoos expert gives customers valuable advises on the after care. Some basic points which an enthusiast need to take care after getting a tattoo done are as follows: -
  1. One should maintain proper hygiene by washing hands before touching the tattoo.
  2. The bandage should be removed after couple of hours as advised and should not be re-bandaged.
  3. An anti-bacterial and gentle liquid soap should be used. Do not use anything that may exfoliate it.
  4. One should not rub the tattoo rather it should be patted gently with a paper towel.
  5. For few days an anti bacterial ointment should be applied.
  6. On the first day a tattoo can be wrapped before going to bed so as to prevent sticking.
  7. Soft and clean clothes should be worn over the tattoo for few initial days specially so as to prevent any infection.
  8. In case one has a foot tattoo, then one should wrap it before wearing the shoes.
  9. After three to four days the area of skin on which tattoo is done starts peeling. One should apply a mild lotion and should not scratch it.
  10. Avoid swimming and hot showers for few initial days.
  11. Use sun block cremes to avoid exposure to harmful UV rays for couple of weeks.
These are some basic points when you consult tattoos expert. For more details, you can go through this link and get more details about expert.

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