3 Options of Water Proofing Bathroom Service

Bathrooms need to planned and designed in detail as this is one place which sees a lot of wear and is exposed to a lot of moisture. To enter a bathroom which is wet and leaking is one frustrating step, which needs to be avoided. Even if you opt to have tiles in the bathroom, which is a sensible choice, it is better to get this water proofed first. This is then the base on which the tiles can be put. 

waterproofing bathroom

Requirement of Water Proofing Bathroom Service

Waterproofing bathroom service can prevent water from leaking underneath the tiles into the ground slab. In case the bathrooms are located on the upper floors, water proofing can prevent the seeping of water into the walls and the ceilings of the lower floors. There is more than one benefit when you talk about water proofing your bathroom.  
  1. Increase the value of your home with water proofing bathroom service, as if you need to sell your house at any time you will find the price you are offered might not be in accordance to your expectation, in case you have a bathroom which is not water proof. This process of water proofing is not a costly affair.
  2. The leakage can be stopped for a long time. In case you find that you are facing the leakage problem from your shower, this can be replaced if not repaired, in no time. This type of waterproofing bathroom service is less time-consuming.
  3. Another benefit you get when you water proof your bathroom is that you get rid of problems like mildew and moss. This can keep your bathroom looking gorgeous and dry for a long span of time.
  4. Opting for water proofing, you can also get your tiles repaired besides the grouts being fixed. The water proofing bathroom service can cater to all the leakage problems connected to your bathroom.

When to opt for Water Proofing Bathroom Services

Water proofing for your bathroom is one of the initial steps to be take when you plan to build your bathroom. This involves getting a water proof barrier being installed around the floor and walls in your bathroom which can protect the structure of the house from moisture. 

Bathroom Waterproofing
Bathroom Waterproofing

How is Water Proofing Bathroom Services applied?

Water proofing is most effective when done in stages. Some of it is done before the walls and the flooring is done and the rest when everything is in proper placing which also includes the paint. The most important areas for water proofing, is the space between the walls and the floor. Any gaps where water is able to seep in can cause damage to the structure which tends to be a major expense.
  • Liquid sealants are applied like paints. The first coat is the primer and then the first sealant coat is applied horizontally (left to right) the subsequent coat being vertically applied (up and down) so that if any small gaps are missed in the first coat, can be sealed with the second one.
  • Points where the vanity and bath unit meet are sealed with silicon sealants ensuring that there is no way for the water to get behind.
  • You need around 24 hours for water proofing to dry and ensure they are sealed properly. This should not be disturbed in any which way.
Go through the different services available before you make a choice, so that you can find the most reputed water proofing bathroom service which can meet your requirements without causing a dent in your budget. It is advisable to get references and findout the reputation and experience of any water proofing bathroom service, before you make up your mind on a specific one.

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