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Cars if well maintained are capable of running for sixty years and in many cases, beyond as well. This is mainly possible by ensuring that the components in the car are well serviced and maintained. Now to put this into a better perspective to understand, a standard car has quite a lot of moving components apart from just the engine and all these individual parts require attention in the case of a service. So, for this reason, it is quite important that all these parts are serviced when they are supposed to be done. Since some components like the fuel line and even the brakes need to be thoroughly checked and inspected, it makes it a lot more crucial to get this done in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the car which may compromise the safety of its occupants. One of the best ways to keep a record of the service of the parts in the car is with a car service log book. It has a record of the service which has been done to the car and its parts.
car service log book
Why servicing is important?
In some parts of the world it is actually mandated by law to have your car running in good condition and that can be mainly, because of the fact that the roads can be quite tough and this can take a toll on the components in the car. But where it is not so compulsory, people just tend to ignore this fact and take it upon them to do what they think is right, but this should not be practiced. Maintaining a log book on the services done on the car, helps the owner as well as the garage owner understand as to what parts in the car are in a good condition and what needs attention. This complete service history can also help the owner sell the car more easily since it provides all details about the health of the car.

car service
  Benefits of log book servicing:
  • Since the car service log book follows that of the manufacturer’s recommended figures, it helps in ensuring that the components are serviced at the right intervals since the manufacturer knows the best about the car and its components.
  • The log book helps the owner in better selling the car since the whole service history of the car is easily available in front of the seller, which means the owner can also charge a bit more in value.
  • Getting the parts serviced and changed as per the recommended figures, helps the car live longer and also adds in the total resale value of the car if it is running in a perfect condition.
  • It helps provide a detailed record of the services that have been done on the car and is signed off by the staff qualified by the job.
  • The log book also helps provide the authenticity that the car has been serviced according to the figures prescribed by the manufacturer and also acts as a certificate of authenticity regarding the genuine spare parts used.
Never misplace your car service log book
One of the biggest reasons as to why people should resort to the car service log book is for one simple reason and that is to help retain the warranty from the car manufacturer. For this reason, it is quite critical that the owners follow the figures recommended by the manufacturer because not only does this mean that you will be able to extend your warranty, but also ensures that the car and its components are well serviced and safe. Therefore, never forget to take your car service log book!

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