Advantages of Using Decorative Plaster Moldings for Creating Cabinet Moldings

You can use plaster in many different ways. However, the most popular is its use as a molding for floor, cabinets and ceilings. 

decorative plaster
decorative plaster
  • Plaster is flexible as well as far more cost effective for this purpose instead of wood which is traditionally used for this effect. Plaster also provides the users with the advantage of a seal between the surfaces to which it is attached. 
  • This helps to prevent unsightly cracks and any insects from settling in the gaps. The decorative plaster moldings are also generally lighter than wooden moldings. They are also not greatly affected by and changes in moisture that can lead to cracking and warping with wood.
  • When you make use of plaster as a molding for cabinets, it is not a new idea. In reality, it has been done for several centuries. Decorative plaster moldings are now used in many modern homes, to give a more contemporary look to the interiors. 
What are the factors to consider before you buy the Decorative Plaster Moldings?
  1. # Comparing Prices: A major reason for the popularity of the decorative plaster moldings is that, the price of wood is rising every day, so plaster is an economical and yet aesthetically-pleasing decorative option. It was very easy to make suitable molding was fairly easy and inexpensive. Today, it is a major expense.
  2. # Use Quality Materials: You are recommended to have every part of your kitchen fitted with quality materials, from the cabinets to the slides and hinges. When you have top quality hinges and drawer slides it means that the doors will stay closed and will not stick. For the interior of your cabinet, you can opt for wooden veneer. The reason for this is that it is more durable compared with MDF, laminate, melamine or particleboard. Drawers that are stapled together or are made of particleboard are particularly not the best.
  3. # Cabinet Height: You should get the height of your cabinet right. This is why if you have an 8-foot ceiling, you will have to ensure that you select a cabinet that gets to the height of the ceiling. These sorts of cabinets will be able to provide you with more storage space and they will also allow you to use the remaining wall space to hang some open shelves or artwork. It is better to call in the professionals to install the decorative plaster moldings, as they know the exact measurement and the height in which they need to fix things up. 
  4. # Making Shaping: Another reason for the increased popularity of the decorative plaster moldings, is the fact that fewer craftsmen are practicing the craft of cutting, shaping and sanding the wood molding. Only a few craftsmen are left and this is why the prices have increased amongst those craftsmen that are still available. Asides from this, plaster is simply more versatile and easier to work with than wood. A plasterer can lay plaster down and then use sandpaper, instead of having to shape the wood ahead of time and other tools to create the molding after it has been installed.
  5. # Installing it Easily: One of the major reasons as to why the people are switching to decorative plaster moldings, is because of the ease, in which plaster molding can be installed. You will not have to worry about a hammer marring the surface; almost anyone with some experience with a trowel can create decent looking molding with plaster. 
Some people will only use wood despite the fact that decorative plaster moldings are a great alternative to wooden moldings. When you decide to install the decorative plaster moldings, you must check the quality of the moldings and the necessary fixing tools that can make the work faster.

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