American Oak Flooring: A Chic Flooring Idea

When covering a floor with a finished material, one should only consider the best quality flooring. Flooring refers to the product that we use to cover our floors to provide a neat, strong and aesthetic look to the floor. There is a huge variety of flooring items that are available in the market today like ceramic, wooden, stone, terrazzo and other chemical floor coatings that are seamless. While flooring, subflooring should be properly checked and it should be made sure that it completely supports our flooring material. Wooden flooring is gaining more and more popularity today due to the fine finish and chic look it provides. The wooden flooring can be of plank type or parquet type. Parquet is mainly used for decorative purposes and it provides a mosaic look. There are two types of woods that can be used as a flooring hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is evidently more durable than softwood and so it is often chosen as a material for covering. It should be understood that hard flooring and hardwood flooring are two separate terms where hard flooring refers to use of ceramic tiles. 
American Oak flooring

Various Kinds of Flooring 

Other kinds of wooden flooring available are laminate that is basically using plywood or medium density fiberboard. Another type of available flooring is bamboo flooring which extensively makes use of bamboo wood for flooring. Other types include ash, pine, oak, etc. These floorings come in different patterns and designs. Wooden flooring is mainly of two different kinds, solid flooring and engineered wooden flooring.  Solid flooring can be gapped, cupped or crowned and so the engineered flooring is more efficient. Oak flooring is widely used in Northern America. Oak wood is taken from the red oak tree. American oak is derived from timber. This wood is used because it is hard and it lasts longer. This wooden oak flooring comes in different colors, light and dark. Oak has significant patterns of grains. The more the patterns more is the price of the oak flooring.
Oak flooring

Adding Beauty to Your Floors 

American Oak flooring is available in both unfinished and finished state. Unfinished flooring can be finished on the spot itself. It is important to know that the woods finished in the factory costs less. Living areas, entryways, hallways and kitchens look exceptional when these are covered in this flooring item. The flooring provides a lavish and elegant look to the floor and it complements a wide variety of wall colors. With this wood, you do not need to worry about getting your floor changed again and again. This material can also be re-sanded and so you can change the color of your floor anytime you wish. One extremely appealing feature of this wood is that it will not allow dust particles and other allergens to get trapped in between and in this way it provides an allergy free household and it is not harmful to children or adults with health problems like asthma, etc. American oak flooring is available in the solid overlay as well as wide board solid overlay and thus, it can be used in mostly any place. American oak has varying benefits like:
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It has convenient maintenance.
  • It can also be installed upon existing timber, concrete, or sheet flooring.
  • You don’t have to fret about stains or white wash leaving marks on your floor, as it can be easily cleaned.
This flooring is available in varying lengths, the thickness of the floor board can be 14 or 19 mm, board comes in the range of 80-220 mm and it can be top fixed or secret fixed. For that perfect modern household look, make sure to opt for American Oak flooring.

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