Facts to Know About Female Continence Pads

For subtle protection against uncontrolled leaks of urine, the incontinence pads provide a lightweight bladder leakage protection to a woman and also a peace of mind. Its lightweight design gives little visibility and maximum absorption. In general cases, the design of these absorbent panty liners is such that it features material that does not let the fluid go to the edge by drawing it to the core of the pad that is away from the body. This technique provides the users with a dry feeling on the surface, eliminates the odor of the urine and it is also a tension free way to manage bladder leakage without any notice from other people.
female continence pads
Designed For Ultimate Protection
Urine comes out as a fast flowing and uniformity like water and comes out more like a rush than a flow. Thus, to prevent the rush and control it at the same time, you need products like female continence pads that have:
  • Designs same as the underwear products of women that will manage a specific absorption of urine.
  • The absorbency range of these pads varies from light to maximum absorption with different thicknesses and lengths.
  • Some also come with side protection according to use. This avoids side leakage as well.
  • In general, the pads have a length of 14.4” and give thicker protection to the specific areas where women need it most.
  • This offers perfect solution if you are looking something to be worn with underwear.
  • Bladder pads are also available in the market and they come with a unique gel substance which solidifies the urine reducing its harmful genetic chemical composition.
  • It is made with polymer fabrics that have capabilities of drawing moisture from the top most layers thus, eliminating the odor and also neutralizing the pH levels that prevent the skin from breaking down.
Adjustable Pads For Free Mobility
Women suffering from medium to heavy continence, getting protection for active days and comfortable nights are vital. Women that have limited or no mobility and need help and time to go to the bathroom the high absorbency fitted brief is going to be beneficial. It is appropriate for daylong usage with refastening joints that make the process of changing it, in standing, sitting and lying down positions. With wetness indicator, female continence pads are a practical solution for women suffering from incontinence. 
continence pads
Variations in Designs
You might suffer from mild trickles that are usually triggered from sneezing or coughing or full form of urination, at the time when you are unable to reach the bathroom. These incontinence pads with rapid lock protection come in various colors and designs that have:
  • Floral patterns and pastels colors just like the underwear of the women for a more feminine touch to the product.
  • It has the profile look like the brief of women with slim sides that is difficult to notice preventing any discrepancy.
  • The pads come with breathable side panels that let the skin breathe freely underneath the pad. 
  • It has closed body fit which is easy to pull the pad up and down without any problem.
Easily Available Online
Many women feel uncomfortable while purchasing the absorbency pads from the stores. For them, there is the option of online stores where you can order your favorite protective product with any feeling of discomfort. The product will be supplied at your doorstep while maintaining your dignity. The online world has offered millions of women with the right incontinence products at lower prices. Also, many health care centers are associated with it that is giving a specialist opinion in choosing the right products.

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