Insight into The Accessories & Installation Tools

Installation of cables not only requires technical proficiency and knowledge, but also the use and application of appropriate accessories & installation tools. It is impossible to lay a cable over long distance without the assistance of proper tools and accessories. In order to move the cable conveniently to the tight places including raised flooring and crawl spaces, also to pass through ceilings and walls, use the different tools available. 

Cable Holding and Equipment
Cable Holding and Equipment
Need for Cable Shifting
Cables are used to line up hard-to-reach nooks and corners. To reach the cable spools to the place of operation, or the job site, use accessories & installation tools of the following kind:
  • Cable Caddy or the pulling stand is used for cable shifting. It facilitates the convenient shifting of the cable reels. The equipment consists of wire dispensers and spools, in addition to the reels.
  • The caddy ensures neat pulling from one place to the other, such as telephone cables or those related to security issues. In addition, the pulling stand also facilitates the use and operation of coaxial cables.
  • Coiled cabling is convenient to handle, because the stand dispenses the reel as smoothly as possible.
Some more Names
Cable drawing stand is one of the accessories & installation tools used. Besides this, you can also invest on cable lifting carts, dollies, reel holders and spool caddies. The technical specification of these tools and installations may vary, but serve a common purpose. They make sure that cables have no difficulty when pulled and transported from one location to the other. With these tools, you can pass wires through conduit. Trailer is used as a primary installation tool for passing cables along fish tapes. The lifting equipment serves the purpose of shifting and also addresses the issues of retrieving the cable that has already been laid out. 

Need for cable Cutting and Bending
Some work operations require cable cutting and sometimes you need to break and bend a pipe or a conduit so that it suits your area of application. For this you need specialized tools for cutting cables such as Manually operable conduit and cable bender that comes with heat treated metallic base. The bending equipment also has a detachable handle. For flawless bending of conduits and cables, you can use easy-to-install equipment that comes with a cutting cum bending table, and bends products at a right angle.
  • Increase the bending efficiency by using a handheld conduit bender that comes with benchmarked symbols as well as degree scales. Both these aspects (benchmarked symbols and graduated levels) add to the efficiency of the work operation.
  • For the cutting of cables, use shear cutter, rope cutter, simple wire cutter, and cable cutter that has a high leverage. All these devices are hand operable.
Mounting Block for switch Installation

Similar to the cable shifting caddy and cable bending and cutting devices; mounting blocks also include the bracket of accessories & installation tools. The mounting blocks are the perfect solution for undertaking switch installation. They are also used for installing sockets in different kinds of places. The blocks are meant for both internal as well as external use. As a result, they are used for fitting switches in common places such as sheds and garages. You can also use these in factories, business centers, and workstations. For providing your building with switches, and for fitting sockets; you can use the mounting block to your advantage.

For cable shifting and pulling purposes, use the tools and the available accessories so that the work is done in an easy and efficient manner.

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