Steps To Choose the Right Incontinence Pads for Adults

Few years ago, any product for incontinence was not available in the market. However, now with the advancement of technology and increase in incontinence problems in adults, several products are available in the market. The incontinence pads for adults are one of them, and they have become quite popular in recent years. These products are not only supplied in hospitals and care centers, but these are also used at home by families with incontinence patients. It is not surprising to note that the market for adult incontinence has recently become too big. Hence, the availability of a suitable product will not be an issue.
Incontinence Products for Adults

Choosing the Right Product:

Among the several options available in incontinence products, the pads are a common option. These often times these are available in the form of briefs, also known as adult diapers. They can be used with undergarments attached with button straps. However, choosing the right product is important because these are available in varieties.
  • Disposable and body worn pads can absorb urine and feces.
  • These are available in different sizes. If you want to buy them, you need to determine the ideal size for the same.
  • Initially, the outer shell was made of plastic but now it is made of cloth. As a result, they are more breathable and these reduce the rustling noise.
  • The materials used in these pads are super absorbent, and these fit well. In fact, they offer three times more protection than the female pads.
  • They are available in variations like thin liners for dribbles to sudden wetness. Larger sizes of pads are also available and these are adjustable in various ways.
In the recent times, they are available in different prints and colors because they add more normalcy and dignity to the wearer. In short, they often act like underwear. These pads are smaller and less expensive when compared to the full garments. 
Pads for Adults

Making the Correct Assessment:

In fact, when you think of using any pads, it is crucial to access the condition. In turn this will aid you in selection of the right product. As a result, it will create a great impact on dignity, self-esteem and independence. You should determine whether you require the all in one product or a two piece system.

Various Options in Disposable Pads:

It is important to understand that disposable incontinence pads for adults fall in different categories. These include:
  • A two piece system that is shaped to fit the body of the patient. It can be easily worn inside close fitting underwear, which can specifically hold a pad.
  • All in one disposable body worn pads were traditionally used as adult sized nappies. However, today these pads have become less bulky. Some of these are specifically designed to assist with fitting. They are often made with comfortable and breathable materials for absolute skin integrity.
  • All in one product that do not require any additional underwear. It can be considered as a nappy style pad or pull up pant.
  • All in one pant style products can be used for promoting incontinence. The wearer can easily manipulate the product like normal underwear. These are expensive, but they are often worth the value for money.  
Choosing the right pad and using them is not always easy because if you fail to choose the right one, it might not serve your purpose. Therefore, you need to make sure that you obtain thorough information about each product so that it will be easy for you to understand and determine your needs. Accordingly, you can make the right decision on the pad to buy to serve your purpose.

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