What are the Different types of Fire Fighting Hoses and How to Choose the Best One?

There are different types of fire fighting hoses available in the market and each has its own features that are exclusive, and that can help to remove fire during any emergency. But it is very important to choose the right type of fire fighting hose and in this connection, you can always consult with the firefighting professionals or with the fire hose suppliers:
  • There are different types of online stores from where you can find the right kind of equipment and it is also very important to consider the manufacturing date and the review about the supplier before you choose any fire fighting hose.
  • The crucial firefighting equipments are also available in the major of your local retail outlets and only firefighting professionals can give you the perfect suggestion on how to buy the best fire fighting hose.
  • All firefighting equipments can cost a lot and so you must choose accordingly to save on your recurrent cost or any additional charges. It is always better to compare the price from two or three companies before you start purchasing your preferred fire fighting hose.
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 5 Types of Fire Fighting Hoses that can help you During an Emergency:
When you want to choose your variety of the fire fighting hose, you must know that there are different types of hoses, and each has its own utility to the fullest extent:
  1. The Attack Hose: This is a fire fighting hose that is used to transport water from the pump to the nozzle, during a fire hazard. It is made up of tough fibers and it can operate up to a pressure ranging to 400 psi. The standard length of this type of fire fighting hose goes up to 50 feet.
  2. The Relay and Supply Hoses: These hoses are covered with a tough texture of fabric, they have a large diameter, and they are so much flexible that they can easily transport water from a distant hydrant to a pump and from the pump to different pipes and fire-affected places. The standard length of this type of fire fighting hose is about 100 feet.
  3. The Forestry Hose: As the name suggests, this type of fire fighting hose is ideal to suppress and release forest fire or large scale fire caused due to electrical short circuit in forest areas or in areas which have large gardens and forests. It is lightweight and flexible, so that it can be maneuvered to meet the emerging demands of a forest fire. It has a nominal inside diameter and it can operate under pressure of up to 450 psi.
  4. The Booster Fire Fighting Hose: It is flexible, has thick walls, and it is made of rubber. It has a rounded cross section, and it is tied to a fire reel on the pumper, when it’s not used. The booster hose is never stored in a flat position, and its length goes up to about 100 feet.
  5. The Suction Hose: This is also an important type of fire fighting hose. It is covered with rubber and it is sometimes also called hard suction. It is a hose that is semi-rigid in nature, and it also has some major metal reinforcements. It is generally used to suck out water from unpressurized zones such as from that of a pond or a river. The standard length of this type of fire fighting hose is 10 feet.
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There are a number of fire hose suppliers that are available in the market, and you can also contact them from the online portals. It is important to know the features and cost of each hose before you start purchasing any one type.

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