Etiquettes to stay in a Perfect Accommodation with All the Facilities

Are you planning to stay at a five star hotel during this vacation? Worried about the perfect way to behave at a lavish suite? It is sure that people who are planning to stay at a five or seven star hotel for the first time must be unaware of the rules of high class. Since these hotels are known for their majestic suites, immaculate services and celebrity guests, you need to behave in the ultimate manner. Here is an etiquette guide for you to follow while you are staying at a super-luxurious hotel. You are surely going to be benefitted from it. 
Luxurious Accommodations
5 Etiquette Points when staying at Luxurious Accommodations:
  1. Dress code: Dress code does not mean a compulsory set of trousers and shirts while entering a five star hotel. However, it refers to a formal dress that you must wear. Travellers must avoid checking in wearing old jeans with an old-fashioned T-shirt. Wearing a collared shirt with a pair of new jeans will be the best option. Be a bit formal. A jacket or suit may be mandatory while visiting the restaurant or bar of the hotel.
  2. Act sensible: Many a times, when people visit a perfect accommodation with all the facilities, they tend to go excited about the fact. They react loudly seeing the shiny floors, wall paintings and glass doors. In fact, they visit every corner of the hotel to take pictures. If you are thinking to do the same then remember that it is a big No. You should avoid looking like out of the place by behaving sensibly. Just act as if you are habitual of visiting five star hotels and avoid taking pictures. Never overreact and give loud expressions.
  3. Dining rules: It may happen that you do not understand a particular dish in the menu or you are simply unaware of the dining etiquettes. The first dining rule is not to waive your hand while talking and move every second. Since waiters serve sorbet in between the meal and clean the table after the meal, they need space. You should just sit back and see all that is happening at the table. Yes, you can always ask the server for an explanation of any dish that you don’t understand. You just need to behave decent and dignified.
  4. Acting around celebrity: If you are staying in a perfect accommodation with all the facilities then it will not is a surprise to see politicians and models sharing a lift or restaurant with you. The catch is that you should not jump on them for an autograph or a picture with you. You must understand that they are on a vacation too like you. It is better that you provide them privacy and space. If you pass by them, you can just say hi or hello.
  5. Giving tip: While staying in a five star hotel, you must keep some extra change to tip the staff members. In addition to this, you must know how much dollars to offer in a tip. You can give tips to porters for carrying your bags, housekeeping staff and the concierge.  You can provide tips at the valet parking service and the other staff members that you come across throughout the day.
Apart from all that, make sure you do not make a mess of your room. Yes, you are on a holiday, which means you can’t be expected to make your bed. However, if you don’t trash it, the cleaning staff would really appreciate it.

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