Two types of Secondary Window Glazing Designs and Reasons for Investing

In the recent years, a vast majority of people has single glazing in their windows. With the progression of time and changes in weather, a single glazing often does not seem to work efficiently and are unable to reduce heat loss. This is one of the major reasons for which increasing numbers of people are opting for the option of secondary window glazing. If the single glazing in your window is not working efficiently, or if you want greater energy efficiency, especially during the winters, this is an option worth considering. The layer of extra window to the already existing one is called secondary glazing, and it also reduces much heat and noise from outside. 
Window glazing
Reasons for Investing:
There are hosts of reasons for which it is wise to invest on secondary window glazing. It will involve the installation of a supplementary glazing on the inside part of a single glazed window. Here are some of the reasons.
  • Installing secondary glazing can be done by you without taking any professional help. You will not have to remove any existing window units because the process of installation is very simple.
  • These are highly economical. You can simply install the second layer of glazing in case you buy and install the DIY kits and the wood and glass fixers.
  • The energy efficiency of your home will certainly increase when you consider secondary glazing. As you install them, you can experience a huge difference in your energy bill, which in turn can help you in saving your money.
  • If you want to get rid of noise pollution, these are again great options to consider. The two different pieces of glass act as independent barriers and prevent further transmission of noise.
How Does These Work?
Prior to investing in the secondary window glazing, it is obvious that you will want to know about the functioning of these options. Well, regardless your windows comprise steel or aluminum they will play a great role in adding an air layer between the single pane and secondary unit. This in turn can provide greater levels of thermal insulation, thereby reducing the loss of heat and controlling noise. Secondary glazing can be done for all windows, whether horizontal or vertical, so that the durability and full accessibility you can get the best value when you install these windows.

In addition to that, they even improve the thermal resistance with better ventilation and reducing fogging. Some of these are even designed with insect screens. 

Two Alternative Approaches in Designs:
When it comes to secondary window glazing, you will find two main alternative approaches in designs.
  1. You can go for the fixed systems that stay in fixed places and
  2. Removable systems that can be stored away when not in use during the summers. These are clear sheets or acrylic plastic or polycarbonate due to which they are light enough to be carried easily. These are even fitted with magnetic strips on both sides of the frame of the window.
Glass systems are mainly fixed or permanent and they are heavier in nature. Moreover, their performance can also be improved. These systems vary and might comprise aluminum casements with secondary frames of timber.

However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to consider the option of secondary window glazing and the variety to consider. Make sure that you are well aware of your needs and even your budget so that decision making is easy for you. You can check out with different manufacturers to find out the various options you have.

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