Dousing the Flames with a Coupling Fire Hose

Forming a significant part of the family of myriad fire-fighting products, the coupling fire hose is a very effective tool. They are a big and powerful addition to the arsenal of fire fighters. Being a connector patched on to the hose’s end and knit with another such hose with a hope tool or tap, it is one of the most effective tools to combat and douse the flames. Used extensively in both workplaces and residences, they are generally made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass or steel. There are many local hardware shops from where you can buy the coupling for the fire hose, and in fact, you can also get these from the online stores. 
Coupling Fire Hose
Exploring the World of Fire Fittings
Their extremely convenient and user-friendly aspects have made them surpass wildfire tools, brigade products, foams, fire hydrant gauge and valves, fire monitors, fire and de-icing nozzles.
  • You can find a huge range of product sizes and patterns that are made in accordance with the customer’s needs from across the globe.
  • The coupling fire hose are used by homeowners, business owners and sprawling factory outlets. Their adjustability makes them a hit in time-sensitive and heavy work industries. Even marine clients from the across the world use these tools in their vessels.
  • The hose varieties entail a lot of sub categories. You have the single and double jacket hose, followed by the uncoupled, rubber covered, booster and camlock hoses. The forestry fire hose, as the name suggests caters to forest fires. You also have the custom fire hose, hard suction hose, portable water, and rack and discharge hose. Garden hose is another specific type of coupling fire hose, which is manufactured for extensive use in the garden.
  • Apart from these, they also come complied with testers and other accessories. The dimensions for each sub category are further classified by their measurements. You can find them from 1 inch to 5-6 inches. There are also the 1 ½, 1 3/4, 2 ½ inches varieties.
Gauging the Specifications
There are reputed companies that manufacture these coupling fire hose. You can get them for both immediate, long term and short term duration.
  • The registered hoses are the best in business as they provide an array of features. There are certain units that underline strict fire-fighting measures under the protocol or quality system of management. This duly upkeeps the production quality and marks its quantity too.
  • You can find them in a huge assimilation of colors. These are yellow, black, red, and blue and so on. There are plenty of options pertaining to diameters and lengths of these fittings. The uncoated hose includes the layflat mechanism and the coated ones have a mix of many types.
  • You also have additional ones for the ships wheel. These are heavyweight manufactures, which are stenciled and supplied primarily for marine usage. Many of these couplings are routinely used for training the concerned fire fighting cadets. 
Fire Hose Fittings
The Additional Aspects
You will also find that these coupling fire hose are used for competition and drill purposes. There is an extensive range of gun-mental and light alloy as well as brass that’s pretty much in use today. One interesting point is that the water hose and the training and competition hose looks almost similar in product specifications. But, they do vary in mechanical aspects and weight. 

The Tri-clover, Hozelock, ground joint, express coupling and NST are other leading variants in this regard. They come with specific features, which fit into specific house or workplace settings. The hose coupling that you buy must be compliant with the industry standards, and they must be within a minimum price range to get them for all fire emergency needs.

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