Buying The Most Efficient and Economical Spade Bits

Spade bits are considered the finest way to drill precise holes into a material. They are also called paddle bits, which have a very sharp pilot point exactly in the middle. They have a flat blade like structure all around that pilot point. Even the flat portion has the sharpened edges to score the outline clearly. 

Spade Bits
Spade Bits
However, not every homeowner can use the economical spade bits accurately. For this, some important tips have been discussed below for you.

  1. Drilling the pilot hole- If you want to drill the pilot hole then you must use a small 1/8 inches’ spade drill bit.  This size will be perfect for the pilot hole. You can then drill a hole into whatever material you want to.
  2. Line up the point- After choosing the right size of the spade drill bit, you must then line up the point of the spade bit into the hole. The correct position required to carry out the task is to hold the drill in your hand in the perpendicular position of the material.
  3. Start drilling- After positioning it right, you can then start with the drilling part. For this, you need to have good grip on the material on which you are drilling. The spade bit will get hold of the material from the point it will start biting into the required material.
  4. Continue drilling- So, you need to continue drilling the material by keeping the drill exactly vertical until the desired hole is achieved. Make sure to keep the hole free from any sawdust that gathers during drilling. Blow away the wood chips and keep it clean and properly visible. You need to keep the drilling pressure steady until the last second of the drilling.
Major Reason to Use Spade Bits

Spade bits have become very popular these days. Whether it is about drilling the hole on the wall or into the wood, homeowners and other professionals use spade bits of different sizes according to the requirement of the assigned work. The major reason behind this is that it is highly adjustable. Thus, you can adjust the diameter in boundless increments at the grinder. It means that you can create around mortises according to your need. 

Economical Spade Bits
Economical Spade Bits
How to sharpen economical spade bits?

To sharpen your spade bit, you can simply place it on the bench grinder. Make sure to put it eight degrees horizontally to its shoulder. Before you start sharpening, tighten the stop collar present on the shaft. You can then start the machine and sharpen the edge to the time collar starts preventing anymore grinding. After that, you can simply bit over and then line up the cutting space on the shoulder opposite to it. The role of the stop collar is to ensure that the spade bit is sharpened in a perfect manner. In addition to this, you can simply swing the spade bit diagonally to the wheel.

To buy economical spade bits, you must approach a reputed manufacturer. You can even browse through a variety of spade bits online. It is important that the store you are contacting should have a good reputation in the respective market. You can shortlist two or three stores, compare the prices and variety of paddle bits and then take the final decision of buying from the one that suits your requirements and budget. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the drilling bit adheres to all the safety measures and is of a well-known brand.

Using a spade bit in a drill is a good way to drill large holes quickly, but drilling too far can ruin a piece of wood. So the necessary precautions should be considered before using it.

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