Everything you need to know about the Security Doors

As the crime rates are increasing with every passing day, we become more and more insecure. They say that your home is the safest place where you can be and you should also hold it true. The quality residential and industrial security door will keep the intruders at bay and will give you complete satisfaction of safety and security.

Security Door
Security Door
It is always said precaution is better than cure. The installing of security door will help you in knowing who is coming in and who is breaking in. For industrial buildings it is very important as all there are all rivals in the field. It is your duty to secure your company and the security doors will help you in that.

Things to look for in a security door while installing

While you go for buying a security door, there are various important factors that you need to consider. Here is a list of the things that one should check while installing a quality residential and industrial security door.
  • Door Frame - There are 3 types of metals that are used for the door frame. They are namely steel, aluminum and metal alloy. Among them, the steel is the strongest. For the other two materials, the frame should be made wider so that it can give strength to the door. Steel doors need only a thickness of 2 or 3 inches whereas others require almost 6 inches for the same strength.
  • Installation method- There are two types of methods which are flush mounted and tube frame. While both provide security, the former gives a natural look to the door and also gives it a better seal. This is because there is no gap around the opening.
  • Coating- Painting the door is good for preventing rust but it does not stay under the sun not to forget the maintenance that it will add to your pocket pinch. The powder coating is a better option as it is free flowing and also gives a hard finish unlike the paint.
  • Corners- The corners should be mitered which means they should not be hollow at all from top to bottom.
  • Sill extensions- There are also an option to consider which will ensure that there is a tight seal on the bottom part of your seal as well.
Benefits of Security Doors

If you are wondering, what good security doors will do to you; keep reading on its several benefits. It is one of the best investments especially if your region or building is full of threats. 
  • Camera facility- Most of the quality residential and industrial security door comes with a camera which captures the face of the person going right inside your home. Majority of the time, the intruder does not get caught. Now with this feature you can monitor your place from a distance as well.
  • Auto lock- A high quality security door comes with auto locking technology which means that whenever someone closes the door, it will lock itself automatically. Many a times the owner forgets to lock the door and the criminals take the advantage. With this feature your mistake will not cost you huge.
  • Alarm System- When someone tries to open the door forcefully, the alarm system will go off making enough noise to not only wake you up from the slumber but this is also an effective technique to startle the thief. Advanced technologies also sync the system with your phone sending a message right away to help you prevent it in time.

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