How to Get Low Cost and Cheap Home Elevators

Planning to install cheap home elevators? Wish to increase your property value with house lifts? If yes, then you have certainly thought in the right direction. Home elevators have become the finest way to live a simple life yet enjoy it in the most luxurious style. Since there are a variety of brands and styles of home elevators available in the market, you are likely to get confused while choosing the right one.

It is important to contact an authentic home elevator company and take complete guidance from it. However, you must have some prior knowledge of the same too. Below discussed are some of the factors that you must consider before buying low cost elevators-
Factors to Consider Before Buying Low Cost and Cheap Home Elevators
  • Load capacity- The first factor to be considered is the load capacity of the lift. House elevators usually have the capacity of 5-6 people in one round. It is important to gain complete knowledge about whether it will be able to accommodate an assisted wheelchair and the entire weight at one go. However, you must also know that lifts with higher capacity and better speed demand a better clearance overhead. Thus, keep in mind this factor and then move ahead with the installation.
  • Size- You have the option to choose from different car sizes ranging from 36 in by 48 in, 42 in by 42 in and 36 in by 36 in. If you are planning to install the lift for the medical purposes then you must go with the 36 in by 48 in, as it will offer more space and clearance. In addition to this, make sure that the house elevator installed for the disabled must adhere to the medical safety norms. For instance, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a proper guideline for the house elevators for the patients.
  • Safety- The elevator system that you are buying must be equipped with all the relevant safety features. The basic safety measures are alarm and light system, non-skid platform, slack rope safety system and key lock system. To add on, it should also have an emergency stop button, in-cab telephone system and must have the feature to prevent unauthorized access. The system must have cable safety devices and other requires facilities. Remember, it is about the safety of you and your loved ones so do not make any compromises with it.
  • Budget- It is important to take the estimate of low cost & cheap home elevators from different companies. You must have a clear idea of the cost involved in the installation and on other custom built features, if any. It is better to compare the prices of different models of lifts and then land up with the one that suits your budget and requirements.
  • Technical specification- You must know that house elevators are restricted to only few sizes, rise, capacity and speed. When it comes to the hydraulic models, they have pistons and cables to lift the car. On the other hand, changes in the air pressure play the pivotal role in pneumatic lifts. With this, it is true that you must install lifts with mechanical motors if you have a low rise building.
With all these previously mentioned factors, you must look into the installation requirements also. The installation requirement of different lift models is different, so you must have knowledge of it beforehand only. And make sure you have the licenses in place before you go ahead with installation of low cost and cheap home elevators.

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