Fine Characteristics of Boutique Hotels

A boutique hotel is distinguishable from mainstream chain/ branded hotels as it offers personalized services and accommodation. The inception of Boutique hotels can be dated back to the 1980’s being established in major cities like London, New York, and San Francisco. This concept of ‘boutique hotel’ was invented by Ian Schrager, who in collaboration with business partner opened the Morgans Hotel in New York in 1984, and hence differentiated it from hotels as referring to it as boutique. Let us take a look at some characteristics of boutique hotels:-
Boutique Hotels
  • Size: The size of the boutique hotel is comparatively small comprising of 10 to 100 rooms. They make the environment applicable for guests to interact. They provide their clientele a feeling of guests rather than the feeling of a temporary occupant in a hotel. 
  • Design: This type of lodging is unique in terms of aesthetics, atmosphere and highly personalized atmosphere that are impossible to be found in bigger or larger chain of hotels.
  • Service: It offers highly personalized services and staff will be well acquainted with your name from the very first day. The décor of the boutique hotel makes it unique and stand out from the rest as it offers bespoke services of elegant materials, quirky touches and magnificent furnishings that can create memorable visual experiences and fine amenities like a pillow menu, plush baths, handmade organic toiletries offering a unique comfort and luxury.
  • Character: In order to ensure the customer satisfaction, boutique hotels have all the features of the contemporary environment that include the latest technology, decorative elements, and independent outlook.
  • Culture: Boutique hotels are a reflection of unique personality and portraying the property through the reflection of color and art. Some Boutique hotels are also the theme- based hotel luxury which portrays the entire guest experience from décor to services around a particular subject such as sports, fashion or arts.
  • Gastronomy: The culinary style is hip, trendy, latest and their restaurants and pubs are equally high- end with high- quality, delightful dishes and comfortable cocktail that are indeed popular among local and guests.  
Hotel Accommodation
Let us have a sneak- peek into Various Types of Luxury Hotels:-
  • Historic Boutique Hotels: Boutique hotels provide their guests with an experience of old- world charm and a period with modern comforts while retaining the magic and ambiance of the past. They provide quality authentic cuisines and rooms that reflect and its architecture and furniture provide a feeling of past historical era. The hotel rooms and pathways take their guests on a historical journey.
  • Themed Boutique Hotels: Themed boutique hotels provide a splendid experience as the hotel is based on designs and that revolve around various concepts based on art, fashion, sport, movies and wine. These themed boutique hotels provide unique experience.
  • Rustic Boutique Hotel: They give new meaning to rural accommodations, as they offer a different experience to the guests by offering personalized regional amenities in terms of services offered in terms of food as well as luxury and other amenities.
  • Low Cost Boutique Hotels: Boutique Hotels also have a range and can be judged by proper accommodation which is provided and the luxury being assured. They are trendy with all latest equipment and technology.
  • Luxury Boutique Hotels: High- end luxury hotels as the name suggests welcome their guests for remarkable features such as latest styling, high- end spas, luxury menus of not only eatables but also other amenities like pillows, toiletries etc. The ambiance of the luxury boutique hotel is adorned with fabulous art, fine fabrics, and awe- inspiring infinity pools.

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