Why Do You Need to Hire an Authorized Land Rover Service Centre?

Choosing repair and servicing of a Land Rover or a Range Rover needs careful scrutiny. Knowing the plans offered by different companies can help you in making the right choice of the service center. Before making a choice of the service center you need to make sure they are specialized in dealing with Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Land Rover is one of the costly and luxury car brands in the world and it provides you the most luxurious and comfortable driving experience also. So to extend the lifespan of your car, you need to service your land rover by some authorized service centre and they will maintain your can in a proper way. 

Land Rover
Land Rover

What Are the Benefits of Land Rover Service Centers?

  • The vehicle tends to be repaired following the standards by a staff that has been trained especially for this. You can get any sort of repairs done here, be it major or minor. There are no restrictions with an authorized service and repair center. These authorized service centre will provide warranty on their work and you can avail their free services within the stipulated timeframe if required. 
  • You can think of getting your tires changed during winter as tires which can offer a better grip when the temperature drops significantly. These tires work out safe even during harsh winters. 
  • Authorized service centers offer a free health check for the Land Rover. This is done by qualified and trained technicians who are well experienced in the handling of the Range Rover or the Land Rover. This check will highlight any potential issues with the mechanical and the electrical components of your vehicle. 
  • Most of the service centers offer a free pick-up of the vehicle from your house, and deliver the same on the specific time given with the required repairs and servicing done in accordance to your requirement. 

Emergency Services and Annual Service Plans Provided by The Land Rover Service Centre:

The service plans offered by authorized centers covers the routine servicing depending on the length of the plan. Centers also provide for emergencies on the road with their specially designed assistance plan. This covers immobilization due to road accidents, punctures or probable some sort of a break down. These benefits can be availed of for a specific time period.

Land Rover Service
Land Rover Service 

Approved Service Pack:

The approved Service Pack of a Land Rover follows the schedule for maintenance which is specific to the model of your vehicle. These service plans cannot provide you any replacement of the spare parts. The professionals in these service centres generally check the different car parts and service them thoroughly. But if you required replacing any parts then you have to bear the cost of the new spare parts and they will install the parts at free of cost.  
  • Top up/check level of the battery electrolyte.
  • Top up/check of the rear reservoir of the washer and the windscreen.
  • Renewal of the element of the air cleaner.
  • Pollen filters replacement.
  • Renewal of the filter and the engine oil.
  • Renewal of the element of the fuel filter.
  • Top up/check fluid levels of dynamic response. 
Some of the benefits of the repair and servicing of the Land Rover/Range Rover at an authorized center include safe guarding the warranty of your vehicle as all the work done under the approved pack is carried out by an approved technician. This pack also helps you choose the location where you need the servicing done. The resale value can rise due to the fact that opting for the approved service pack; the benefits can be passed on to the new owner. 

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