Common Methods Used To Eliminate Tree Roots From The Drains

Trees are an integral part of our nature and they bring positivity no matter where we are. Undoubtedly, trees play a major role in offering us shade and in making the world around us beautiful in every way. However, when the trees get older their roots expand and can get into the sewer pipes causing great damage. The roots of the trees grow more and more even in the pipes and drains, making it a messy situation. Well, such a situation is not just painful and effortful but is also expensive as it requires professionals to clean the drains. It is really unfortunate that the tree roots can cause such severe issues in the daily lives. When the roots get into drains, the water and nutrients help them in growing. However, there are tree roots in drains services available where experts and professionals will eliminate the issue of tree root intrusion.

The basic procedures of removing the roots need electromechanical techniques, high pressure jetting with water, and many blade cuttings. There is a proper examination of the tree roots, CCTV inspection, a planned process designed, and then the work of eliminating the roots from the pipes and drains is begun. 
Tree Roots in Drains Service
Methods to Get Rid of Tree Roots from Drains

There are various methods and techniques which are commonly used in many regions to solve the problem of tree roots interfering in the sewer drains. Let us have a look at them and make sure that the drains get back to their normal ways.
  1. Cutting Down the Tree Roots: The most simple and common method to remove the roots is by using a mechanical auger to cut down the roots. The tool has a spiral head with sharp teeth on it which cuts down the roots that rise up in the drains. However, this is not the end method. Simply cutting down the extended roots will not solve the issue for the long term. The roots can grow further and you will again have to use the technique to cut off the extended roots that rise up in the pipes. Ask a tree roots in drains services professional for advice on what is the best method to follow.
  2. Regular Cleaning: When the roots expand they will block the pipes. One of the easy methods to stop this from happening is to clean the sewer lateral regularly. There are again various ways to do it; you can either make use of root saws, high pressure water flusher and also augers to clean the pipes regularly. If you cannot handle the work by yourself, you can hire the plumber services or tree roots in drains services, and an experienced tree roots in drains services professional and will make it all good for you.
  3. Chemical Removal of Tree Roots: There are many chemicals available which will directly kill the roots and will prevent them from growing back. Commonly, there is copper sulphate chemicals used for the work. This chemical works as a poison for the roots and they end up dying as soon as they are exposed to the crystals of copper sulphate.
  4. Making use of Hydro Jetter: It is a costly affair and also effective method to remove the tree roots. This is a machine which flushes water with full pressure. The tree roots in drains services bring a truck with filled water and long pipes to use the pressured water on the roots. The water might also include chemicals which will kill the roots when flushed with high pressure.
If you have no time to clean the drains yourself, you can hire the professional tree roots in drains services companies who solely concentrate on the work of removing the tree roots from the trains. You can browse them online and get the work done.

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