Different Ways of Application of Concrete Painting Service

When a house ages with passing years, the concrete driveway, pathway around the lawn and the patio start appearing very dull and shabby. In many old houses, the concrete floors outside and inside the house develop cracks and may look more unpleasant due to the presence of ugly stains of various things, all over these surfaces. But the repulsive appearance of these concrete floors can be renovated through the concrete painting service, provided by the well trained expert professionals of this field. 
Concrete Painting Service
Essential Steps taken while using Concrete Painting Service
  1. Fill up the Cracks of Concrete Floors: Firstly, the cracks seen over the old concrete floors should be neatly filled and sealed with the best quality sealants, available in the market.  Usually, transparent sealers are used to repair these cracks, though some water-based or solvent-based color tints may also be used, according to the actual chosen color to be used on the floor, to bring out coloring effects on the floor surface. A professional concrete painting service can help you ensure that this is done effectively.
  2. Repair of the Concrete Floors: The concrete floors can be corroded with the course of time, sometimes bringing out the steel bars placed underneath the floors. The concrete may also be disintegrated into small flakes, due to the extra freezing temperature or the shrinkage of the concrete material. All these damages should be expertly repaired by the experienced professionals of concrete painting service, to restore the smoothness of that surface.
  3. Application of Water based Stains: The process of coloring the concrete floors start with the blending of acrylic polymers and some color pigments, which together form the required water based stains. When these color stains are applied over the floor surfaces, they penetrate deep under the concrete layers, making the color to be a permanent one.
  4. Use of Concrete Dyes of Different Colors: As the calcium hydroxide present in the concrete can react with the water based stains, the concrete layers of the floor surface should be immediately covered uniformly with the special concrete dyes. These dyes do not react with the chemicals present in the concrete, when they penetrate the porous concrete layers. As the dye particles are very tiny, they spread and penetrate uniformly over the concrete floor surfaces. The water based dyes are usually used for creating the effect of different colors; while the solvent based dyes bring a monotonous coloring effect to the painted concrete floors.
  5. Application of Semi-Gloss Coating: The roughness of the concrete flooring is usually smoothened by the application of semi-gloss coating, which is also known as Lo Sheen. It gives a satin finish to the rough surface of the hard concrete surface.
  6. Final Touch of the Matte Finish: A matte finish is applied over the coating of Lo Sheen, to make the concrete surface look more elegant, while it will not reflect too much light, as in case of glossy finish.
  7. Anti-Slip Coating for Protection of People: Lastly, a coating of anti-slip finish is applied over the concrete floor surface, so that people walking over it will be saved from slipping on the too much smoothened surface. This coating is a must for the safety of the residents, over all types of floorings.
This whole process of concrete painting service is highly affordable for any common person, due to the low cost of all these types of paints and coatings. Moreover, these painted concrete surfaces are very easy to maintain and made to be fire resistant, due to the nature of these paints used here. The painted concrete turns out to be highly durable, as here the concrete layers are not warped in due course of time and the colors applied are not easily faded away. Thus, the house owner need not bother about these painted concrete floors for many years.

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