Why go for Old School Tattoos Specialist for your Next Tattoo?

Tattooing is a special ritual that has been estimated to be at least 5200 years old. The word tattoo has its origins from the Tahitian word 'Tatu' that means to mark something or someone. The oldest tattoos on human skin were found on the mummified remains of Otzi the iceman, found on the border between Austria and Italy. Mummified bodies with tattoos have been found all over the world including Alaska, Siberia, the Andes, and also Philippines. 
Old School Tattoos Specialist
The History of Old School Tattoos
The first tattooed mavericks of modern society were the sailors in late 17th century Europe. Some records say that Captain Cook's motley crew was among the first of the Western Civilization to venture to ink themselves in the same way as the cultures of the Pacific Islands.

Till World War II tattoos were the realm of outcasts from society like sailors and circus freaks. The first famous old school tattoo specialist of the world was Sailor Jerry. Jerry picked up tricks of the trade from the Far East and Pacific islanders after enlisting in the army. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during World War II and made his reputation with fantastic tattoos of ships and pin-up girls. 

A Few Interesting Facts about that Era Includes:
  • Old school tattoos specialist was restricted by the ink available and they made up for this with bold black outlines and limited shading.
  • The common designs among old school tattoo specialists include eagles, armed and naval forces emblems, heart and dagger, and Harley Davidson emblem. This was because the old school tattoos were the realm of anti-social groups like biker gangs and convicts.
  • They used tattoos as an expression of anti-establishment attitude. Which continued into the 1970s and 80s with the punk rock culture bringing anti-establishment ideals into the mainstream.
Difference between Old School Tattoos and Modern Designs
The main difference between old school tattoos specialist and new generation tattoos is the use of color. The old school tattoos have bold black lines to distinguish colors; there are some classic designs and some artistic variations. The new school tattoos use colors that are diluted with water to achieve gradients and a wide variety of designs that give artists a license to explore their creative sides. New school tattoos are also used to mask some mistakes made during younger periods with old school designs. 
Old School Tattoos
Like a butterfly tattoo by an old school tattoos specialist can be converted into an angel or something much more creative by new school tattoo artists.

Starting out as a way to mark out outcasts first and then soldiers tattooing is now treated as an art form. As expressive and creative new school tattooists are, they still struggle for popularity with old school styles and designs. Many of iconic designs of old school tattoos still have their takers and have even found its way onto jackets, t-shirts and pants with of reputable clothing line. The adage that old is gold holds true even in the case of tattoos.

How to Find a Reliable Old School Tattoos Specialist?
The popularity of these tattoos has given birth to several specialists and choosing the best one out of the many, may not be such a simple task. So, when you are confused or do not know how to begin your search for the right one then there are certain aspects that you can consider such as:
  • Experience
  • Designs that they are able to offer
  • Reviews given by their previous customers and
  • Affordability
With this you will be able to discover the ultimate specialist without any sort of complications!

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