Efficacy and Advantages of Stainless Steel Tanks

Storage tanks are one the most common accessory which can be seen being used in every sphere of our routine life. Whether it is business or personal means, use of stainless steel tanks can be somehow noticed everywhere. Most of the times these tanks are used as storage devices for various types of things, such as chemicals, grains, gasses, food items and other bulk stuff. Every type of industrial production has the installations of these steel tanks as per their requirement and to store their raw materials. Food and beverage industry, sewage and waste water companies and agricultural industries are more adept in using these large and small sizes of tanks made up of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Why Mostly Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel has such a property which makes this material more preferred in comparison to other alternatives. Durability, flexibility, chemical compatibility with different ingredients and ease in usage are some of those primary features associated with stainless steel material. The stainless steel tanks are known to retain their consistency even in highly variable temperatures, which can be easily found in different production houses, either due to the production process or because of material stored or treatment. Tanks made up of stainless steel can be customized in shape and size although; mainly these tanks come in drum or cylindrical shapes, which are easily adaptable too industrial and household usage.

In merchant navy, stainless steel is primarily used to build ships and their containers. However, the quality of steel employed in ship and marine tanker manufacturing are quite different from ordinary steel casting and manufacturing. The entire assembly for marine purposes is intended to avoid the rusting of the metal, as ships and other metal installation are at great exposure to rusting due to saline sea water and ocean exposure.

The Size Factor

The reason behind the large-scale use of stainless steel tanks at industries and the household front is its size factor. These tanks can be easily designed in various shapes and sizes, as well as, particular predetermined purposes. The ease of preparing stainless steel material in the form of preferred storage option keeps in more demand. The sizes of these tanks may range from one gallon to thousands of liter capacity, which is used for industrial purposes.

Key Features of Stainless Steel Tanks

Though most of the benefits were already mentioned above, but let us have a quick glance to see the highlights of stainless steel tanks:

  • Tanks made up of stainless steel are rust free
  • These tanks are easy to clean, irrespective of their size
  • As Steel tanks are easy to clean there is very low risk of cargo contamination and associated hazards due to it
  • Maintenance of stainless steel tanks are very easy and economical as it takes only such amount of cleaning which can protect its chromium layer
  • Can be easily melted into various shapes and size
  • Compatible with storing almost every type of material and chemical within these tanks
  • Heat resistant, as it can store various materials at high degree temperatures, etc.

Precautions to Maintain Container Made of Stainless Steel

  1. Keep container away from chloride or sea water contact unless the quality of steel is resistant to it.
  2. In case any of particles such as sediments or rusts are found, remove it immediately through grinding.
  3. Keep the surface of the tanks clean and shiny. Doing so, it may prevent it from corrosion and other sorts of metallic defects.
  4. Continuously keep inspecting tanks for any signs of corrosion, particularly after each cargo.

These are some of the properties or preventive methods of stainless steel tanks, through which efficacy of this material and its products can be easily understood.

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